What You Can and Cannot Do While Out on Bail

Getting a temporary release from jail on a bail bond doesn’t mean that you’re home-free from the crime you’ve been accused of.

If you’ve been arrested in Dallas but got out of jail with a bail bond, it’s important to understand what you can and can’t do while you are out on bail. 

Here are some pointers from a Dallas bail bond company that can help keep you out of hot water until your court hearings.

You Can Enjoy Limited Travel

Although international travel is almost always a “can’t” while out on bail, there are still some travel opportunities you can take with the court and bail bond agent’s permission.

If you plan on traveling within the state or to neighboring states, this is usually a feasible option. In order to do so, you will always need written permission from the courts. However, in some instances, permission from your bail bond agent is also necessary.

Keep in mind that if you’ve been deemed a flight risk, the court and agent’s final word is essentially law. If they say no, you cannot go!

You Can Meet With Your Lawyer

You want to build up the best defense possible for your pending court hearings. Therefore, while out on bail, you can meet up with your lawyer as much as you need to. They are most likely going to be a local service, so there should be no travel restrictions involved.

This is a huge opportunity that isn’t possible if you’re stuck behind bars. So, we recommend taking advantage of it while you can.

You Can Continue to Work

You’re going to need money to pay for any legal fees you may incur during your ordeal, so keeping your job is one of the most important things you can do while on bail.

Even if you don’t currently have a job, you can also look for work to help pay for your oncoming expenses. In fact, the effort put into looking for work often puts offenders in a better position with the courts.

You Can’t Miss a Court Date

We’ve said it before and will continue to preach this message. Missing any scheduled court date is something you cannot do! Doing so will result in the revocation of your bail, a warrant for your arrest, and a large bill for you and your co-signer from your bondsman.

You Can’t Get Arrested Again

Your bail bond will come with specific conditions like avoiding alcohol or certain individuals. However, if you fail to meet your conditions, not only can you lose your bail bond itself, but you could find yourself back behind bars.

Getting arrested again forfeits your current bail bond. While you can still apply for another bail bond for the latest arrest, in these situations, it will cost you double the bond and premium to once again be released on bail.

Stay on Track During Bail with 1st Call Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one were recently arrested in Dallas, don’t spend more time behind bars than is necessary. At 1st Call Bail Bonds, we offer premium Dallas bail bonds that get you home quickly.

Our bail bond agents will thoroughly review all of your contract conditions so that you always know where you stand while free on a bond. We are open 24/7 and can assist with any bail amount. Contact us today to start the bail bond application process.

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