Can You Bail Someone Out After Their Sentencing?

DFW Bail Bonds

The average Fort Worth bail bond is purchased in the hours after a defendant is arrested. When this happens the offender is able to walk free within reason until their first hearing. Once that hearing happens, the case is either extended into further hearings or the offender is sentenced by the judge.

Sometimes a family is unable to raise the money to bail out their loved ones on time and the case ends up going straight to a conviction.

What Happens During a Sentencing Hearing?

The sentencing hearing is the hearing that occurs after a person has already been charged for a crime. During this hearing the judge presiding over your case makes their decision on your fate:

  • Jail time, or
  • Probation

Once the sentencing occurs, the defendant is either taken away and prepped for prison transport, or they are given the information necessary to start their probation program.

While this all seems pretty finite, family members of those who are sentenced to prison may still have a chance to bail their loved one out one more time.

Bail is Possible, But…

If your loved one is determined to appeal their conviction, there is a chance for them to request post-conviction bail. However, the chances of this happen strictly depends on the jurisdiction where they are being tried, the severity of their crime, and of course, the judge (who makes the final decision).

What is Post-Conviction Bail?

Although post-conviction bail isn’t anyone’s right, it’s still an option that offenders can pursue. If the laws in your area state that a judge can make this decision, keep in mind that the judge will set the bail at any amount that they deem fair.

If post-conviction bail is granted, a Fort Worth bail bondsman can help your family start the bail bond process, so that you can be released from jail between the sentencing and your appeal hearing.

What Impacts Your Bail Options?

The entire process of determining post-conviction bail and the cost that comes along with it depends on several factors that a judge must consider.

Some of the following details of your case could negatively affect your chances of being granted post-conviction bail:

  • The judge could simply not want to grant you bail. Once again, this is not a right, merely a circumstantial option.
  • It is discovered that you are not a U.S. citizen
  • You are deemed a flight risk
  • You have a past criminal history
  • The crime you’ve been charged with is particularly severe

Get Your Fort Worth Post-Conviction Bail Bonds Through Big Bubba!

If you have a family member who has already been convicted of a crime, but you think they have a chance at a post-conviction bail bond, we want to talk! At Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds we know the bail process and local legal system from the inside, out.

We can answer all of your questions and even correspond with the courts for you. Contact us today to learn more about the bail bond process.

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