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If you or a loved one have been arrested and sent to jail in Collin County, getting out is important so that you can appear in court and clear your name. Contact our bail bonds service in McKinney,  1st Call Bail Bonds, to put money up for your bail and help you start to get your life back on track.

Don’t spend another minute in a jail cell! Let us help you wait for your court date from the comfort of your own home. Call Now (214) 592-9000.

Why Hire 1st Call Bail Bonds?

1st Call Bail Bonds is a bail bonds service located in McKinney, Texas that is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll find our office at the corner of Redbud Boulevard and W. Virginia St at 1836 W. Virginia St Suite 102 across from the Dairy Queen.

When you work with 1st Call Bail Bonds, not only are you being met with understanding and professionalism, but you are guaranteed a government licensed bail bond sent to the courts.

Our main goal is to get you or your loved one out of a bind, fast. Our bonds agents have the experience to make sure that your bail is posted and you are making court preparations outside of a jail cell within two hours.

Are Bail Bonds Services in McKinney Expensive?

The amount you put up for a bail bond in McKinney centers on the crime that was committed. Most bail bonds only come with a fee that adds up to ten percent of the total bail. So theoretically, if bail was $20,000 the cost of your bail bond would only be $2,000.

This ten percent fee isn’t refundable, but it definitely beats having to pay the whole cost to the courts or forcing a loved one to wait in jail with everyone else (including violent offenders) awaiting trial.

Collin County Inmate Lookup

To find an inmate currently in custody of the Collin County court system, visit our Inmate Lookup.

How Do I Pay Back My Bond?

Working with a bail bond company comes with understanding the process and how the repayment of the bond works. Our team will happily sit down with you or your family and discuss the process and how payment will work for your situation.

Everyone has an individual experience and that’s why our bail bonds service in McKinney is prepared to help you create a payment plan that fits your personal needs.

Are There Restrictions?

When you get out on a bail bond in Mckinney, there are specific responsibilities you and the person on bail need to follow. From regularly checking in with your bondsman to ensuring court dates aren’t skipped, you must uphold the requirements of your bond in order to remain free.

Failure to check-in or attend court can result in the courts rescinding bail and the offender winding up back in jail with further charges. The rules of bail are simple. Just follow what the law states and you’ll be in the clear.

1st Call Bail Bonds Will Answer The Call 24/7

Nothing good happens after 2 a.m. and that is why 1st Call Bail Bonds is dedicated to being open 24/7. Trouble has not set hours and neither do we. Our services extend throughout Collin County. If you or a loved one find yourself arrested in Frisco, Plano, or McKinney, contact us today for a swift resolution.