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If you or a loved one find yourself in need of a bail bond in Denton, Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds should be the first phone call that you make.   Our office is located at 1512 E. McKinney St at the corner of N. Woodrow Lane and E. McKinney St; just a 2-minute walk away from the Denton County Jail.  We have offices across the Metroplex and are available to help you in Denton during your time of need.  Call Now (940) 380-1981

If you need to find an inmate currently in the custody of Denton County, visit our Inmate Search.

Why Work With Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds Denton?

Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and covers bail of any size for any crime. We know that you have options when selecting a bondsman, and that is why we are prepared to treat you with experience, kindness, and respect the minute you call for your help.

How Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds Denton Works

Once you or a loved one is arrested, there are going to be many questions about how posting bail works. At Big Bubba’s we understand the bail bond process inside and out. We can guarantee that any questions that you have regarding the process, bail payments, and more will easily be answered by one of our licensed agents at our Denton office.

Our Denton Bond Agents Help You Understand Conditions of Your Release

Getting released from jail on a bail bond can be an exhilarating experience. However, your freedom isn’t set in stone. If this is your first arrest, you’ll need help understanding the specific conditions of your release that will keep you out of jail until your date with the Denton courts against the Denton County district attorney.

From travel restrictions to how to check-in with us, we will make sure you leave our office with the knowledge you need to maintain your comfort until your first hearing.

FAQs about Bail Bonds in Denton County

We often hear the following questions when individuals contact Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds Denton:

How does a bail bond work?

A bail bond is a legal agreement that allows a defendant to be released from jail before their trial. Our bail bondsman posts your bail for a fee to ensure you appear in court on the scheduled date.

How much does a bail bond cost?

A bail bond typically costs about 10% of the total amount set by Denton Court. In Denton County, this percentage is standard.

What happens if I miss my court date?

If you fail to appear in court as schedule, a warrant for your arrest is issued and the bail bond is forefeited.

Is it possible to modify the bail amount?

If the bail amount set isn’t feasible for you, we offer payment plans based on a set of criteria.  That said, in some cases you can request a bail reduction or modification through Denton Court if your circumstances change.

What's the difference between a cash bond and a bail bond?

Cash bonds require that the full bail amount is paid directly to the court. A bail bond, on the other hand, allows you to pay a percentage of the bail amount to a bail bondsman.

Accurate Quote Fast from Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds Denton

Wasting time thinking about how to post bail does you or a family member behind bars no good. The team at Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds Denton will be able to help determine an accurate quote in a short amount of time. This quote includes the bail posted by the courts and the percentage of the bond that you pay back upon release.

Time is of the essence and a team of Denton bondsmen is only as good as how fast it can get a client through the bail process. That’s why our Denton location prides itself on being Denton’s premier choice for bail bonds.

Need a Bail Bond Installment Plan? We Can Help With That!

If your bond amount seems like paying it at once isn’t a feasible option, don’t worry! The Denton bondsmen at Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds will take every possible measure to work out a payment option that you are comfortable with.

If you meet specific requirements, you could be eligible for approval through an installment plan through our bail bond company. Trust our expert agents to ensure you and your loved ones aren’t kept apart during this stressful time.

Big Bubba’s Makes Denton Bail Bonds Simple

If you or a loved one need to be bailed out of a rough situation, reach out to us today! Our Denton bondsmen are ready to answer the phone and get any defendant back home as soon as possible.