Should You Call A Lawyer Or A Bondsman First?

DFW Bail Bonds

Once you’ve been arrested in Dallas, you’ll have a very important decision to make right away. Do you call a lawyer or a bondsman for help first? 

While some may believe that reaching out to a defense attorney is the best first step towards freedom, it actually benefits offenders more to reach out to a Dallas bail bond company with that initial phone call.

Bondsmen Provide Several Upfront Benefits to Your Wellbeing

Reaching out to a local bail bond company opens the floodgates for several advantages in your situation. Right off of the bat, we’re always here to answer the call, since our hours are 24/7.

We can also answer immediate questions about the legal process because that’s the system we work with every day! Trust a bondsman to get you out of jail, fast as well as help you benefit from other advantages that a lawyer can’t promise upon arrest.

You Have More Leverage When Bailed Out

The minute you arrive at your jail cell, it may seem like the County prosecutor is ready to quickly get you through the system via a guilty plea.

The offer is typically, if you take the deal and admit guilt to the crime, you are free to go home. This usually happens before someone has had a chance to even consult with their lawyer and unfortunately, many people take this deal and wind up with a crime on their record with no defense granted.

A bail bond company can help you get around the plea bargain offered by a prosecutor and get you home for 10 percent of the cost of bail. Not only does this get you home, fast but it provides you the opportunity to effectively sit down with your lawyer and decide how to approach this case in court during your first hearing, post-bail.

Lawyers Don’t Mean You’ll Go Free

Any lawyer who tells you they will win your case is probably one to turn down. There is never a guarantee that a lawyer will help you go free. If you wait on your lawyer, you could not only end up waiting in a cell, but you could end up waiting somewhere worse (we’ll get to that later). 

A payment to a bondsman almost always guarantees that a defendant will be able to obtain freedom long enough to continue working, get everything they need for their family in order before the actual hearing. This is a much better deal for everyone involved because there is more breathing room to plan and no one is left in the lurch.

A Bondsman Keeps You From County Jail

A holding cell is never a fun place to be. But without the help of a bondsman, you could end up having to wait in the county jail for your hearing. Not only does this mean that you’ll be behind bars longer, but you’ll be in the company of people who have most likely committed far worse crimes than yourself.

Make Your First Call Count With 1st Call Bail Bonds

If you’ve been arrested in Dallas, 1st Call Bail Bonds is ready to answer the phone and get you home, fast. We are open 24/7 and can help meet a bail at any amount. Don’t wait in a jail cell until you’re sent to County prison. Contact us today to start the bail process!