What Can Send You Back to Jail On A Bail Bond?

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Getting out of jail on a bail bond in McKinney is quite a liberating experience. However, freedom between your initial arrest and your first hearing isn’t a sure thing. 

Your bail bond comes with terms and conditions. Failure to meet these requirements can land you back in a jail cell. While most people understand that skipping bail and failing a drug test are one-way tickets to jail on temporary release, there are other, smaller mistakes people make that leave them with a revoked bail bond.

Getting Frustrated With Your Co-Signer

Often, getting released on a bail bond means that a loved one or friend cosigned for you while you were locked away. Not only is this person on the hook for your bail amount if something goes wrong, but they also have the power to revoke your bail bond.

When a bail bond is revoked, a warrant is issued and you’ll quickly find yourself back in the arms of the law. 

So, while it may be frustrating to have someone always looking over your shoulder or reminding you of what you can and can’t do while released on a bail bond, keep your cool, get through this part of your life, and remember that frustration isn’t worth going back to jail.

Falling Back in With the Wrong Crowd

Your release terms may include you not being in contact with the people who got you arrested in the first place. So, while meeting up with the pal you were arrested with or contacting your ex who has a no-contact order against you may seem innocent enough, these restricted actions can get you arrested and sent back to jail in McKinney.

However, even just meeting with friends that don’t understand your need to be on your best behavior can be a problem. The wrong people could encourage you to make some awful decisions that lead to further jail time.

Being Late to Your Court Hearing

The courts rely on punctuality. So, if you’re late to your initial hearing, the judge presiding over your case won’t be pleased with your actions. Unfortunately, showing up late can also result in a return to jail.

Quitting Your Job

Not only is keeping your job essential to you being able to pay any fines or legal fees, but it’s also a show of good community standing in the eyes of the court. Someone who is tied to their job is less likely to pose as a flight risk.

So, naturally, if one were to quit their job and the courts find out, that’s a huge red flag that could put a warrant on a defendant’s head.


One beer may not seem like a big deal while you’re out on bail. But the truth is, you should always avoid alcohol consumption during this time period. 

Alcohol impairs your decision-making and excessive consumption can lead to actions that end up in yet another arrest for your record. 

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