Why Passing a Stopped School Bus Could Send You to Jail

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School is back in session and it’s time to get used to seeing school buses driving along the roads. While most drivers will drive cautiously around areas where children congregate, a stopped school bus loading and unloading kids is nothing to take lightly.

In fact, zooming around a stopped school bus could lead you into a world of legal troubles. Here’s a look at Texas laws surrounding passing a stopped school bus and how severe the consequences can truly be for the drivers that break them. 

Passing a Stopped School Bus is Illegal In Texas

According to HB 1174, it is illegal and a misdemeanor to pass a stopped school bus in Texas. This 2013 law is one that comes with a range of penalties that could include jail time if you have had similar run-ins with the law.

Let’s break down why you don’t want to get caught overtaking a stopped school bus.

There is a Wide Range of Fines

This isn’t a flat-rate offense. The fines and penalties that come with overtaking a school bus are purely based on a case-by-case basis

In some cities in Texas, fines can be as low as $300 dollars or as high as $2,000 if the latest ticket is a second offense. There isn’t usually an arrest involved with these cases, so unlike an Arlington bail bond, you won’t be paying ten percent of the fine, you’re responsible for the entire amount.

Jail Time

If your move to overtake a stopped school bus resulted in a serious injury, this is where the serious consequences and the need for a bail bond come into play. In these instances, the penalties typically fall under the following categories:

  • $4,000 fine and/or one year of jail time
  • $10,000 fine and/or up to two years of jail time for a second offense

Is There a Way to Defend a Stopped Bus Misdemeanor?

While it can be a tricky defense case, there are some ways that offenders can dodge a hefty fine or jail time. 

Some of the most common approaches to defense in these situations include the following:

  • The police officer stopped the wrong person
  • The offender did pass up a stopped bus, but they were dealing with an emergency
  • The school bus was not completely stopped
  • The stop signal arm wasn’t exposed and the red warning lights on the bus were not blinking

Can a Bail Bond Get You Out of a Bind?

If you are arrested in Arlington for passing a stopped school bus, there is always a slim chance for defense on your behalf. Perhaps the stop sign wasn’t out or you were wrongfully caught on camera. A bail bond can help you get out of jail, fast, and get your defense case moving with your attorney.

The bail bond process is simple and as long as you abide by the restrictions of your bail bond contract, it’s an affordable way to get your life back on track to freedom.

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