How to Find Out Someone’s Bail Amount Online?

When you get the fateful call from a loved one in jail, your first instinct is probably to bail them out. However, before you apply for a bail bond in North Texas, it’s beneficial to know how to find out someone’s bail amount online to determine how much you’re likely to need to get them home safely.

In these situations, it’s always best to be prepared. Finding out someone’s bail amount online seems like the easiest way to stay on top of things.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, but as bondsmen in North Texas, we are dedicated to helping you find the information you need for a bail bond, no matter what.  Follow these tips to find out someone’s bail amount online for Dallas County, Denton County, Tarrant County or Collin County in North Texas.

When Does the Bail Amount Appear Online?

Knowing when a bail amount is likely to appear online is the first step in starting your online search. The bottom line is that the time frame is based on how busy your local court system is. If they are dealing with a high volume of arrests at once, it may take longer to process and schedule initial hearings.

In most situations, a person’s bond is available online within 48 to 72 hours.

Start With the Official County Website


Dallas County     Denton County    Tarrant County    Collin County


Once you know the jurisdiction of your loved one’s arrest and have waited an appropriate amount of time, checking the County’s website is the most online accessible way to find out a bail amount.

County websites typically have an “inmate lookup tool” that lets users access information about recent arrests in the jurisdiction. Typically, all it takes is a person’s name to find their arrest record and discover pending charges. With this free community tool, you’ll learn about your loved one’s

If you can’t easily find the “inmate lookup tool” on the County site, searching for one on the police department’s website can also be a viable option for free inmate searches,

What If You Can’t Find Out Someone’s Bail Amount Online?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find an arrest record online. When this happens, knowing the bail amount your loved one faces can seem like an impossible feat. Fortunately, you can use several offline resources to gain more information about your loved one’s arrest record, charges faced, and bail amount.

The Courthouse

Reaching out to the arresting law enforcement agency or the local courthouse in the county where the arrest happened is one of the most reliable ways to find the information you need.

All you have to do is look up the organization’s number on the County website, call it, and ask their representatives for the information you need.

Local Bondsman

Getting in touch with a bail bond company you trust can help you quickly uncover a loved one’s bail amount.

At Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds, we know the legal system like the back of our hands. We can easily reach out to local courthouses, ask the right questions and bring your family the peace of mind it needs.

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Ask Your Lawyer

Finally, if you have a lawyer on your side, they can reach out to the courts for you and find out the bail amount. They can also take steps to renegotiate the amount of bail, depending on the circumstances of the charges and the offender’s criminal history.

Need Help Finding Someone’s Bail Amount Online?

If you have a loved one who’s recently been arrested, know the charges but can’t find the bail amount online, don’t run through countless hoops; reach out to Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds for help!

We are a team of experienced bondsmen that know local bail schedules and can help you find the answers you need regarding your loved one’s arrest. We are open 24/7 and can help you take care of any bail amount at any cost.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, cash, money order and Apple Pay. 

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