How to Find Out an Arlington Bail Amount

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You may be awakened one night by a phone call from a loved one asking for help getting bailed out of an Arlington jail. Getting bailed out can be expensive, and we understand why you’d want to know an exact bail amount before agreeing to be a co-signer for a bail bond.

So, here are some easy ways for you to stay on top of your finances and plan ahead for your loved one’s bail bond.

Ask an Arlington Bondsman

One of the easiest ways to know how much someone’s bail is, is to go straight to your source of help, a bondsman! An Arlington bail bond company like Big Bubba’s has connections with the courts and jails in their jurisdiction.

They will be able to not only look up your loved one’s bail but also get you started on a bail bond that helps get the detainee home to properly prepare for their court hearing.

A bondsman will be able to tell you exactly what the bail is, how you can pay for it, and assist you with any financial questions you may have about the bail bond process.

Reach Out to the Courthouse

If you know that your loved one may have committed a crime that is out of your immediate financial range, reach out to the courthouse the next business day. They will be able to tell you what the bail is for the defendant and also provide you with more detailed information on the charges they may face.

Be At The Bail Hearing

In most cases, a bail hearing is something that happens rather quickly after someone is arrested. If you are able to attend your loved one’s bail hearing, you’ll easily get the bail information you need.

Since this may be a couple of days after your loved one’s arrest, you have now created ample time to apply for personal loans or acquire the funds necessary to cover a costly bail bond or the bail itself.

Ask a Lawyer

Sometimes a defendant may automatically opt to be represented by an attorney. Remember, an attorney is like an inside person with the courts. They have all of the information you’d need about the case, including the amount of the bail.

If you know your loved one has a lawyer on-hand, reach out to them as a personal contact and get reliable information on your loved one’s situation.

Bail Your Loved One Out With Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds

Getting arrested is never a picnic. However, the team at Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds is ready to help make the bail process a smooth transition for both the defendant and their families. We are open 24/7 and ready to help you obtain a bail bond no matter what you’ve done!

Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced Arlington bondsmen.

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