How Common Property Crimes Could Impact Your Bail Amount

One of the most common crimes people get arrested for is property crime. If your loved one was arrested in Dallas for a property crime, you should know that not all of these crimes are viewed equally in the eyes of the law.

Property owners are now more aware of how burglars and thieves work. Items like security cameras, alarms, and smart home devices are prevalent, preventing burglary and putting thieves behind bars for property crimes.

At 1st Call Bail Bonds, we believe that it’s always best to be prepared when the time comes to call on a bondsman for bail services. We look closer at the different types of property crimes we’ve seen and how they can impact the cost of bail.

Property Crime Rates

The national and state statistics speak for themselves: property crimes like theft are high. As of January 2024, Texas burglary rates are 411 burglaries per 100,000 reported crimes. Since Statista’s latest update in 2022, the national average has been 270 per 100,000 reported crimes.

If burglary wasn’t enough, the Texas theft rate in 2024 is 1,713 per 100,000 reported crimes.

Theft and burglary can happen to anyone, and if you or a loved one are caught in the act, get ready to ask for a Dallas bail bond and lawyer up!


Even though vandalism may seem like a petty crime, some graffiti and a broken window can result in a night in a Dallas County jail. The consequences really all depend on the situation. Sometimes, an offender can even get away with paying a fine of a couple of hundred dollars.

However, in most Vandalism cases in Texas, the average punishment is a fine of up to $2,000 and 180 days of jail time. This is only if your damage was below $750.

Vandalism that costs between $750 and $2,500 is a Class A misdemeanor that could result in $4,000 fines and up to one year in jail.


Theft is a very broad category of property crimes that even the courts can’t define in simple terms. The sentence and amount of bail involved in a theft crime depend on what was stolen and how it was stolen.

While they may seem similar to someone outside the court system, theft isn’t the same crime as burglary. Some of the most common cases of theft we’ve seen include vehicular theft, embezzlement, and robbery.

The examples we used above usually result in prison time. However, petty theft can be resolved through legal restitution, like pocketing an item at a convenience store.


The definition of burglary is simple. If your loved one unlawfully entered a home or business by force and stole property, they have burgled and will need help from a Dallas bondsman. The punishment and costs to bail a burglar vary based on the crime itself, but bail can range upwards of $50,000.

New Felony Theft Threshold

As of 2023, Texas has introduced a new felony theft threshold, setting it at $3,000. This means that theft of property valued at $3,000 or more will now be classified as a felony offense. This adjustment, reflecting economic changes, aims to update the penal code to align with current values. It is crucial for individuals and legal professionals to be aware of this change, as it significantly affects the classification of theft offenses and the associated penalties.

New Public Safety Bills

In 2023, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed eight public safety bills into law that will enhance criminal penalties for various offenses, including property crimes.

As some examples, House Bill 28 enhances the penalty of aggravated assault for first and second-degree felonies. Weapons can play a major role in property crimes, so hopefully, the upcoming penalty enhancements will deter this type of crime.

Also, Senate Bill 224 enhances criminal penalties for catalytic converter theft, a crime that grew 1,200 percent between 2019 and 2021, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

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