How Common Property Crimes Could Impact Your Bail Amount

One of the most common crimes people get arrested for is property crime. If your loved one was arrested in McKinney for a property crime, you should know that not all of these crimes are viewed equally in the eyes of the law.

At Goodfellas Bail Bonds, we believe that it’s always best to be prepared when the time comes to call on a bondsman for bail services. Here’s a closer look at some of the different types of property crimes we’ve seen and how they can impact the cost of bail.


Even though vandalism may seem like a petty crime, even some graffiti and a broken window can result in the need for a bail bond in McKinney. The consequences really all depend on the situation. Sometimes an offender can even get away with paying a couple of hundred dollars fine.

However, if jail time does come up, be prepared to have some funds ready for a bail bond and restitution after your loved one’s court hearing.


Theft is a very broad view of property crimes that even the courts can’t define in simple terms. The sentence and amount of bail involved in a theft crime all depends on what was stolen and in the manner in which it was stolen.

While they may seem similar to someone outside of the court system, theft isn’t the same crime as burglary or extortion. Some of the most common cases of theft we’ve seen include:

  • Vehicular theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Robbery

The examples we used above usually result in prison time, however, petty theft like pocketing an item at the convenience store can be resolved through legal restitution.


The definition of burglary is simple. If your loved one unlawfully entered a home or business by force and stole property, they have burgled and will need help from a McKinney bondsman. The punishment and costs to bail a burglar vary based on the crime itself, but bail can range upwards of $50,000.


While burglary can be viewed as a sneaking act of property theft, extortion is the complete opposite. It’s a loud, forceful, and sometimes deadly approach to taking someone’s private property.

The bail for an extortion crime can be quite large due to the threatening nature of the crimes. Extortion is found in property crimes that involve:

  • Verbal, written, or non-verbal threats of physical harm
  • Threatening to reveal private information
  • Slander

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