4 Ways a Bail Bond Company Can Help

Everyone knows that a bail bond can be a person’s best bet at getting out of jail quickly. However, many don’t know that bail bond companies like Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds also specialize in helping with several aspects of a family’s experience.

From initial arrest to ensuring that first-time offenders can find reliable representation, your local bail bond team can help your loved one move beyond their latest arrest.


Jail Communication

A bail bond company can be a direct link of communication between the jail and outside works for the offender and their family.


All bail bond companies have connections with the local jails in their area. Outside of the initial phone call, it can be difficult for an offender’s family to track down and get ahold of their lives one.


A bail bond company can offer direct communication options that help make phone calls, schedule visits, and get your loved one out of jail faster.


Warrant Information

Sometimes a person knows they have a warrant on their name. They may want to turn themselves in but don’t want to do so without planning ahead for their impending arrest.


A bondsman can help you learn more about a warrant without having to turn yourself in. From the details behind the arrest warrant to how much the average bail schedule is for the charges, a bail bond company can help you plan out your legal journey and ensure you aren’t in jail for long.


Flexible Access

It can be difficult for a family member to walk into a bail bond office. We know that an arrest can be a very private moment for you and your family.


If you are concerned about anyone seeing you walk into a bail bond office, we are always open 24/7 so you can find a convenient, private time to start the bail bond process.


We can also meet you at a location of your choice to help make filling out your bail bond application a more comfortable experience.


Defense Attorney Information

Everyone has the right to a defense when they are arrested. If your loved one doesn’t have an attorney but doesn’t want to risk going the public defender route, look towards an Arlington bondsman.


Bail bond companies are typically in close contact with local criminal defense attorneys. We are dedicated to helping you through as much of the legal process as we can.


We understand that your arrest will bring up many legal questions and we are here to connect you with a criminal defense lawyer that can ensure every question is answered and concern is addressed.


Your Bail Bond Needs Today

Whether you’re facing a first-time offense or have a habit of getting yourself in sticky situations with the law,  Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds is prepared to help. Our Arlington office is open 24/7 and has the financial capability to help you make any bail amount.


Contact us today to learn more about the bail bond process or start your application! We’re always ready to answer any questions you may have.

How Do Pending Charges and Bai Bonds Work