What is a PR Bond?

If you’re in a legal situation where you’ve heard the term “PR bond” tossed around, you probably have many questions about PR bonds in Fort Worth.

A PR bond (personal recognizance) is a simple concept. However, getting one isn’t usually as simple as asking for one. You need to understand eligibility, processing, and terms to ensure you take the right steps when procuring this specific type of bond.

The first thing to know is that PR bonds are rare.

You’ll likely need to obtain Fort Worth bail bonds services if you’ve been arrested in Texas. Here’s a quick guide with more information about getting a PR bond in Texas.

What is a PR Bond?

Also known as a Personal Recognizance bond, a PR bond happens when a judge allows a defendant to be released without putting up any kind of deposit or collateral.

Under the rules of a PR bond, a defendant must promise to appear in court. Your word is essentially your bail bond when you are granted a PR bond. Any Fort Worth bondsman will tell you that a PR bond is rare. What’s more, obtaining a PR bond without help from a lawyer is difficult.

When Is a Person Eligible for a PR Bond in Texas?

Reputation is what makes a person eligible for a PR bond. When granting PR bonds, judges will look at several factors. The first thing they look at is usually a defendant’s criminal history. Does this person have a criminal history? Do they have good standing in the community?

Judges are generally only open to PR bonds when a defendant has no criminal history. In addition, PR bonds are generally only given for nonviolent crimes.

It’s common for defendants seeking a PR bond to write a short letter to a judge explaining the circumstances of their arrest.

This allows the defendant to make a case for why they don’t pose any kind of risk to the community. In addition, an attorney can file either a Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus or Motion for a Bond Reduction to request a PR bond for their client.

Do PR Bonds Come with Specific Terms?

The main term of a PR bond is that the defendant must show up in court when promised! Failure to appear in court can make the defendant liable for criminal penalties. A PR bond is not a “free pass.”

While the court has decided that a defendant does not pose a risk to the community, the defendant must still follow all other traditional post-arrest procedures until charges are dismissed.

Where Can an Offender Get a PR Bond?

PR bonds are obtained from a judge. Generally, the assistance of a lawyer is required to initiate a request for a PR bond.

In some cases, PR bonds are granted without a court appearance due to the crime being a low-severity crime. In other cases, a defendant must attend a court date to provide evidence for why the PR bond is needed.

Get Out of Jail in Texas

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