Things to Consider When Purchasing a Dallas Bail Bond

No one wants to get that phone call in the middle of the night from a loved one in jail. However, it happens and sometimes a bail bond from a Dallas bondsman is the easiest option for temporary release. 

Dallas nights can sometimes spin out of control and sometimes people find themselves on the wrong side of the law. If you do get that dreaded call and find yourself in the position where obtaining a bail bond rests on your shoulders, consider some of these thinking points before heading over to a trusted bail bond office.

How Well Do You Know the Individual?

If the person contacted you for help, chances are, you know them on a personal level. Yet, before you agree to bail them out, consider your relationship with the individual. Bail bonds are serious commitments with serious consequences if the offender decides to turn their back on the law. 

Make sure you trust the character of an individual before offering up that 10%. Remember, if they don’t meet their bail requirements, you are the one on the line.

Can You Afford the Bail Bond?

A bail bond in Dallas requires the purchaser pay 10% of the bail. Although this percentage may seem like a small financial hurdle, the cost really depends on the crime committed. Also, if the person you’ve bailed out fails to attend required court hearings, not only will you have paid the 10% for initial bail, but you are now responsible for paying the full price of the bail. 

Your Commitment to the Situation

Bailing someone out with a bond makes you directly involved with the case. We think it’s always a good idea to research the bail bond process and truly understand what you’ll be agreeing to. If you have any questions about the process or how situations like check-ins are handled, a trusted bondsman will be able to help you become more familiar with the stakes at hand.

Are they a Flight Risk?

If the person skips bail, and flees, you are the one stuck with the bill. Before heading to a bail bond office, analyze the situation. Is this person trustworthy? Do they understand what you’re putting on the line for them? Will they run?

If you can’t come up with positive answers to these questions, your act of kindness could painfully sting your finances in the end. One tip we have to offer is to take note of where the person frequents, where they work, and their last known address. Then, in the situation where something does go awry, you will be able to give the bondsman and the authorities the best information possible for them to track the offender down and keep the mud off your hands.

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