Splitting Hairs Between Federal and State Bail Bonds

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When an individual gets arrested, the process involves being charged for the initial crime. Depending on the offense, they will be charged either with State or Federal charges. 

If you or a loved one find yourselves arrested in McKinney, Texas but are unsure of the stipulations behind the charges, here is some important information that could help you make some smart moves towards obtaining a local bail bond.

Key Difference Between State and Federal Charges

When you violate the law, the charges really depend on where the crime was committed and what the laws of the state are. Usually, federal charges occur when someone crosses state lines while committing a crime (i.e. car chases) or commits the crime on federal property (i.e. government buildings, federal parks).

When federal charges are filed, the entire legal process becomes more complicated when it comes down to how the justice system resolves the case.

Federal Process Specifics

Once charged with a federal crime, the defendant’s fate rests in the hands of a federal judge. This judge sets the bail amount, Even though this is similar to how the state process works, federal charges are going to come with a higher price tag, even for a similar offense.

Federal courts take bonds very seriously. They will look into how the funds for a bail bond were obtained and ensure the money wasn’t procured illegally. This process adds on additional hearings that the defendant now has to attend. 

In the instance that the source of the funds is illegal or untraceable, the bail is rejected and the offender is now forced to wait behind bars for the key hearings.

Do Bail Bonds Differ?

The process to obtain a federal vs. state bail bond is no different. Follow the process as usual:

  • Visit a trusted bondsman
  • Pay a percentage of the bond
  • Ensure your loved one does not skip bail and attends required hearings.

The biggest difference between the two is how much the bond costs. Instead of 10 percent, the client will have to pay 15 percent of the total bond amount. Federal bail bonds are usually more expensive because higher-level crimes usually come with higher flight risks

Goodfellas Bail Bonds Gets You Out of State and Federal Binds

No matter what your charge is, Goodfellas Bail Bonds can get you home while you wait for your court date. We handle McKinney bail bonds at the Federal and State level and are ready to help you. If you find yourself behind bars, reach out to us to get the bail process started.