Help! My Loved One Skipped Bail

Sometimes the ones we care about get into trouble and wind up behind bars. You may have received a call for help and used your own money to help get them out on bail through a certified bondsman.

When it comes to bail bonds in Dallas-Fort Worth, there are stipulations that your loved one needs to follow, the main one being showing up to court dates. Unfortunately, some people opt out of this and “skip bail;” leaving you in a very uncomfortable situation.

What Happens When Someone Skips Bail?

If your loved one that was released on bail has missed their court date, there are some pretty serious consequences involved. Not only is there now an active warrant of arrest for the person involved, but they will not be eligible to be bailed out a second time.

Most people involved with bail understand the circumstances and skipping bail when a family member has foot the bill is a generally rare occurrence. However, when it does happen, there are a couple of things that you should understand in order to keep yourself out of some hot water.

Don’t Harbor or Assist the Person

Although you may be emotionally attached to the person that skipped out on bail, don’t let yourself fall into the mistake of helping to hide your loved one from the authorities.

The harboring of a fugitive is a criminal offense that can lead you to being a person in need of a bail bondsman yourself. Keep in mind that just having the person at your address doesn’t mean you are harboring. Actively hiding a wanted person is what risks landing you in jail. If the police show up at your door looking for the fugitive, make sure that you a cooperative and give them up if able to.

Reach Out to the Bondsman ASAP!

When a person skips out on bail, there’s a 90-day period where you have the time to turn in the wanted individual in order to reverse the default status now in place on the bond.

Skipping on bail essentially puts the bondsman in a financial bind where they will now have to actively seek out the money owed on the bond. Make sure that you reach out to the bondsman with as much information as possible on the fugitive so that you are no longer in the position to be pulled even further into the financial situation.

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