Tales From Behind a Dallas Bail Bond Agent’s Desk

Nadia G. manager of 1st Call Bail Bonds in Dallas, Texas, easily admits that as a local bail bond agent, there are quite a few outrageous situations that she’s seen on her post. However, some of the strangest situations she’s experienced don’t involve the cases themselves, but the lengths people will go to stay out of jail, even when they know it’s inevitable.

Posted Bail, Still Went to Jail

According to Nadia, she’s experienced incidents where a person’s crime was a violation of their parole or probation and jail was guaranteed.

“I remember one that got bailed out on a 50,000 dollar bond. They didn’t want to be in jail but they knew they were going to violate their parole. They paid that money and within a week, parole violates them and they’re back in jail. We had to discharge our bond. I have a lot of those cases,” she said.

“They knew it was coming, they just didn’t know when. With him, it happened within two weeks. He didn’t check in, so I contacted him and the co-signer and she told me he was picked up on a violation for that charge.”

Nadia said in these situations, she’s usually asked about the bond process and if the family gets the money back that was put up for the bond. She said that customers are told up-front that the 10 percent payment is non-refundable.

“We provide a service. If they know they violated and are still paying this amount…it’s just sad because it’s a loss of money.”

Keeping Up with Bail Bonds in Dallas can Take Years

“I’ve had some instances where the person pays a big amount of money and then their cases drop because there isn’t enough sufficient evidence to continue on with the case. There are a lot of assault charges where the DA doesn’t find sufficient evidence,” she said.

“The statute of limitations is two years for them to file on a case. For two years, you could be on bond having to check-in about when your court date is.”

In order to keep track of defendants with large timeframes, Nadia makes every effort to figure out what the situation is and who they can talk to once the two-year statute has passed.

“I always tell them they can follow-up, and after two-years, go to the county DA and ask for a non-prosecution letter if they’re not going to pursue any charges.

Not only do I bond them out, but I do help guide them if they need help with a question. If I can’t help them myself, I’ll lead them on to the next person that can help them.”

Checking In

One of the biggest pieces of the bail bond process is routine check-ins with the bondsman to ensure the defendant is following all of the legalities involved with sustaining the bond.

“For us, it’s once a week every Tuesday. Whether it’s by mobile app, by phone, or in-person, they need to check in. If they don’t check in, we’ll contact them that following day or that following check-in. I’ll speak with the defendant and co-signer to see what’s going on,” she said.

“Forgetfulness usually depends on how they opt to check-in. Usually, on the mobile app, they won’t forget, but if they have to call by phone or show in-person, they tend to forget. I’m very lenient on that. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. So, I’ll always remind them to check-in and if they have any questions, follow up with us and we’ll help.”

Nadia said leniency only goes so far. If the defendant misses 3 check-ins, 1st Call Bail Bonds contact the co-signer and must revoke their bond if they have a court date coming up.

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