How to Save Money on a Bail Bond

Getting a bail bond is often an unexpected expense and finding ways to reduce the is always beneficial. There are some ways that you can reduce the cost of posting a bail bond that you may not have considered.

5 Ways To Lower The Cost Of A Bail Bond

  1. Remote Filing

    If your loved one is out of state when they are arrested, you may think you have to jump on the first plane to where they are to post bail. This can be exceptionally expensive because last-minute flights are often double the cost.

    Contact a bail bond company in the area and see if you can file the paperwork remotely. If you can process everything over the Intenet or Fax, you can save yourself the expense of the flight. If you still need to fly out to them, you can book a later flight for a better price.

  2. Call A Defense Attorney

    Your loved one will need legal representation. Even if they are using a public defender, you may be able to approach the attorney and request that they seek a lower bail amount. When bail is reduced, so is the amount needed for a bail bond.

  3. Use A Cash Back Card

    If you use a credit card to pay for the bail bond, make sure you use one that offers you a cash-back option. It may not be a large amount that you get back, but anything you get back on your purchase is better than nothing.

  4. New Credit Cards With Statement Bonuses

    If you are going to open a new credit card to cover this expense, look for ones that provide a statement credit for purchases made within the first 30 or 60 days of opening the card. Many companies will give a large credit if you spend a certain amount within this initial time period. Since the bail bond could be a few hundred dollars, you can easily earn this statement bonus which will help offset the expense.

  5. Ditch The Broken and Old Jewelry

    One of the most overlooked ways to help raise money for a bail bond is to go to the pawn shop with old gold jewelry. Even if the jewelry is broken, you can get scrap prices for the gold. You will have the option of selling these pieces outright or getting a loan against them. The interest rates are much lower than your typical credit card, so it may be better than charging the bond.

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