5 Common Myths About Bail Bonds

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October is here and it is about the time of year where people start making poor decisions that end in a night behind bars. When most find themselves locked up, they turn to a bondsman to help get them out of jail and back at home.

However, there are several myths that hover over bail bonds, the bail process, and bondsmen. Before you look into a bail bond to get out of jail, it is a good idea to understand the truths behind the myths

1. Bondsmen Only Accept Cash

Of course, when paying for a bond, cash is an acceptable form of payment, However, some people believe rumors that Texas bail bonds services will only accept cash. Like most other businesses, our DFW bail bonds companies accept payment in cash, debit, and credit.

If you find that you are having trouble accessing funds for your bail fee, you can discuss the option of collateral like:

  • A vehicle
  • Electronics

2. Your Bondsmen Can Help Adjust the Court Bail

You must keep in mind that your bond agent is not involved with the amount that the court sets for bail. The judge presiding over your case and the actual crime determine this amount. Your bail bond company is unable to negotiate the court’s amount and must work within the boundaries of the law during the bail bond process.

3. You Are Now Completely Free of Legal Obligation

Keep in mind that when bail is posted you are not completely free. Yes, you are out of jail, but you most definitely still have some legal obligations to meet. Make sure that you know when your court dates are and that you actually attend. Otherwise, you can easily find yourself in even more trouble with the law and potentially behind bars again.

4.  A Bail Bond Company Can Get Anyone Out of Jail

Although we help you with the funds to get out of jail, we aren’t legally able to make the decision to get you out of jail. The judge in charge of your case is the person who makes bail a possibility. If the crime is severe and a judge does not grant bail, then a bail bond agent will not be able to provide services.

5.  Fees to Bondsmen Are Refunded

Yes, if you pay for the full amount of your bail yourself, the bail will be fully refunded after you attend all of your court dates. Many people wrongfully believe that this refund also applies to fees paid for the services of a bondsman. It’s actually very rare for someone to get a refund from a bail bond agent after a court date.

When you use the services of a bail bond agent, you do not pay them the full cost of the bail. Generally, the payment made to a bail bond company is non-refundable. The only refund that occurs during this transaction is when the court refunds the payment that the bondsman made for your bail.

However, this only happens if you show up to your court dates. Should you fail to appear in court, the courts keep the bondsman’s money and you are responsible for paying the business back.

DFW Bail Bonds Answers All of Your Bail Questions

If you or a loved one has the need for bail money, Our bail bonds companies are available to help. Our expert agents will answer any questions that you have and make sure that your family is reunited as soon as possible. Contact us today to find out how to start the bail process.