What’s the Difference Between Bail and a Bond

When a person is charged with a crime, they must go before the court for a bail hearing. Bail is a monetary obligation that an accused person must give to the court as assurance that they will return for their official court dates. Bail can be set at any amount.

If the accused cannot come up with the required amount for bail, they have the option of being bonded. Bail bonds are a service offered by a third party that enters into a contract with the accused to get them out of jail.

A Dallas bail bond company will pay the set amount of bail for the accused with the guarantee that the person will come back for trial.

Types of Bonds

A Dallas bondsman does not provide this service for free or without a way to guarantee that they will be paid for the bond if the accused does not appear in court. In most cases, the bail bond company will require that collateral be given to the company as a way to secure the bail loan.

If the accused does not appear in court and the court keeps the money, the bail bond company will take legal action to find the accused and bring them into the court, or they will cash in the collateral to cover their losses.

Bail bond services are not free. In addition to any bail amount that they provide to the accused, there will be a fee for their services. Every bail bond company has a different requirement for payment. Some will require up-front payment; others will require payment when you come back to have the hold released on items you used for collateral.

Surety bonds are a type of bond that a person can make with the court. If they do not have the cash to pay for bail, they can sign over any property that they own as a way to guarantee that they will return for trial. If the person does not appear, the property reverts to the court.

However, surety bonds are not as common as you may think. Not many people own property free and clear, and the courts are not interested in a property that they would have to compete with a mortgage company to sell and collect on.

Bail And Bond Are Close To The Same Thing

When it comes down to definition, the only real difference between bail and bond is where the money comes from to allow you to get out of jail.

If a person has the cash available to pay for their release, it is known as bail.

If a person must use a third party to cover this expense, it is referred to as a bond.

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