How To Get Instantly Approved For Bail

DFW Bail Bonds

When you’ve been arrested in Dallas, life may seem like you’ve hit the ultimate roadblock. Stuck in a cell is most likely not how you planned your night to end. Fortunately, if you haven’t committed a massive felony, or don’t have a capias warrant the judge presiding over your case will grant you bail.

Why It’s Best to Be Approved for Bail

Your bail is set within 48 hours of your arrest. Once this information is public knowledge you can begin to look into the bail process. Depending on the crime, if you don’t make bail, the chances are pretty high that you’ll be hanging out in the holding pen until your scheduled court date. However, in cases like traffic ticket warrants, you may be released upon time served,

So long as you don’t skip bail or try to start trouble in your community, getting approved for bail can ensure that you’ll be in the comfort of familiar surroundings while waiting to fulfill further legal requirements.

Although bail is still a hurdle you’ll have to get through on the pathway to freedom, here are a few ways to guarantee you’ll get yourself out of a tough spot.

Understand The Bail Options

Before making the decision to hire a bondsman or pay outright, make sure you understand everything you need to know about the case. What crime was committed? How much is bail? Where is the offender being detained?

All of this information will help you make the most educated decision and ensure that the moves you’re making will get your loved one out of jail.

Hire A Bondsman

No matter what time you get the call to help get someone out of jail, there is always the option to work with a bondsman for a bail bond to expedite the process. Our bail bond offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

With a bondsman, you typically pay 10 percent of the total bail. You won’t get this money back, but once you’ve paid, a bail bond company will pay the rest of the bail to where the inmate is held. Upon receipt, they are released.

We can help you navigate the path to bail and ensure your loved one gets out fast. Just remember, bail bonds come with legal stipulations and check-ins that could result in revoked bail if they are ignored.

Pay The Full Amount to the Courts

Although paying directly to the courts isn’t the most recommended option, it is one the will instantly get someone approved for bail. You may see this money again, but the chances of this all lie in the defendant’s hands. Should they decide to skip bail and avoid their court hearings three things will happen:

  • Bail will be revoked
  • They go back to jail
  • You lose the money you put down for them

Dallas Bail Bonds Made Simple With 1st Call Bail Bonds

If you’ve been arrested and are looking for a bail bond company that can cover your charges, 1st Call Bail Bonds in Dallas is your ticket to freedom. No matter what the charge or how high the bond is, our bondsmen will do whatever it takes to bring you home. Contact us to get the bail bond process started.