How Getting Arrested in Dallas Impacts Your Life Beyond Jail Time

Getting arrested in Dallas is no picnic. Fortunately, 1st Call Bail Bonds is available to help get life back on track after a stumble into the big house. However, if you opt to wait for your court hearing behind bars, you should know that your life can be impacted in several ways that extend beyond your immediate future.

Financial Implications

While it would be nice, there isn’t an actual “get out of jail free” card in real life. If you get arrested, your finances are going to be impacted whether you get a bail bond or not. 

Even petty crimes can cost you money during the court process. If you can’t qualify for a public defender, you’re paying a lawyer. Even the process of dealing with the courts involves fees that can help total up your whole ordeal well into the thousands.

These extensive costs are sometimes unavoidable and the debt incurred will definitely follow you around long after your initial bail bond purchase and court hearing.

How Your Family Is Impacted

Remember, getting arrested in Dallas has consequences that extend beyond just you! Even if your family isn’t around for your actual arrest, when a family member is sent to jail or prison, it can be a traumatic experience for everyone.

Your loved ones will not only have to deal with the guilt and shame that come with the situation, but they will also have to consider the potential next steps they’ll have to take to move on. 

If you’re arrested for a lengthy amount of time, your family will have to deal with the financial concerns that come with running a household. This can be quite difficult for some families and result in debt and even more negative emotions towards you upon release.

Does Getting Arrested Affect Your Employment?

No one plans on getting arrested, so it’s no surprise that several people face issues at work upon return from a “leave of absence.” Even if you were arrested on a weekend, you will most likely have to inform your HR rep that you were involved in an arrest or legal situation. 

This admission of fault can be scary for employees, but the consequences can be direct termination if the information is held secret and leaks out down the line.

Reach out to 1st Call Bail Bonds to Avoid Further Jail Time

If you have been arrested and need a bail bond in Dallas, 1st Call Bail Bonds is open 24/7 to get you out of jail. Our agents have experience with bonds of all amounts and will help you find your way home. Contact us today to get the bail bond process started.