Most Common Crimes Committed During the Holidays

Crimes committed during the holidays lead to several offenders in need of bail bonds throughout the month of December. Yes, amidst the holiday cheer, many people find themselves in Dallas jails based on their poor decisions.

At 1st Call Bail Bonds, we like to keep our clients and their families prepared for the worst. Here is a list of some of the most common crimes we have to cover during the holiday season. Make sure you’re loved ones check it twice and leave the holidays happy this year.


Holiday parties are all the rage this season. Don’t let your cheer get out of hand by drinking and driving after your event. Be aware that aside from standard traffic enforcement, many illegal DWI checkpoints are going to be in play on the Dallas roads. Steer clear of being arrested for a DWI by having a sober driver on-hand or preparing for a ride service in advance.

Robbery and Shoplifting

Unfortunately, the holidays can bring out desperate acts for those wanting to cross off the wish lists of their friends and families. Two of the most common crimes we’ve seen during the holidays are robberies and general shoplifting. 

It’s known that criminal activity tends to rise during the holidays and incidents like purse snatchings and car robberies are easy to get away with during the holiday rush at Dallas shopping centers.

So, while grabbing that special gift for Mom and Dad, be aware of your surroundings while holiday shopping.

Domestic Violence

Family disputes are common during the holidays. However, it’s easy for even the smallest squabble to get out of hand when alcohol and the general stress of the season is involved. 

Lots of Dallas bail bonds are needed because sometimes family members can’t control their tempers, and when things get out of hand, the police get called in. Avoid putting a damper on your family gathering by remembering to keep your emotions in check and leave any personal baggage at the door.

Identity Theft

Finally, another crime that’s committed during the holidays is identity theft. With so much online shopping going on during the holidays, it’s no surprise that identity theft is an issue. This crime can be harder to catch, but trust us, when an offender is caught for this crime, the bail bond process is definitely in their future.

Prevent identity theft this season by:

  • Monitoring your credit
  • Only purchasing from secure websites
  • Monitoring your bank account
  • Shredding pre-approved credit card offers.

Start Getting Your Name Cleared with 1st Call Bail Bonds

Getting arrested in Dallas during the holidays is no picnic. Don’t spend this season away from your family, let 1st Call Bail Bonds help get you or a loved one out of a tight bind. We are open 24/7 and can help get you out on bail no matter what the crime was. Contact us today to get the process started.