Top Crimes That Lead to a Regretful Summer

As universities begin to dismiss for the summer and people seek fun in the sun, it’s always smart to remember that a good time can be taken too far.

This summer, getting arrested in Arlington may not be on your seasonal “to-do” list, but it’s always a possibility.

If you want to keep your record clean this summer, steer clear of these common crimes that result in an arrest and need of an Arlington bail bond.


Having a few drinks and calling a ride-share service to get home is usually a fun way to enjoy a summer’s night.

However, drinking up and taking a risk behind the wheel is a deadly choice that can end in a dangerous accident and a DUI on your record.

Home Break-Ins

The summer season is famous for weeks-long family vacations away from home. Unfortunately, this also means that the season is notorious for home break-ins, vandalism, and theft.

Illegally entering and damaging someone’s property is an arrestable offense, even if nothing is stolen.

Arrests at a Public Event

Summer concerts and community events draw in large crowds, leading to trouble if you step out of line. These events often have copious amounts of alcohol on hand.

Mixed together, the heat and flowing drinks can lead to altercations or other inappropriate actions that require police intervention.

So, no matter how hot it gets, keep your cool and always think before acting in a public setting.

Public Intoxication

Even if you walk around drunk after a party or event, you could be arrested for public intoxication. You don’t have to be holding a drink in public for the law to charge you with this crime.

All it takes is one act of rowdiness for police to suspect you of public intoxication. From there, you can easily find yourself on the wrong side of a jail cell, sleeping off your night out.

Loud Parties

Summer is the perfect season to throw a party. Noise violations in Texas often lead to a warning or citation from a police officer. However, there are situations where a noisy party results in someone’s arrest.

If police officers arrive and find underage drinking or the use of illegal drugs at the party, someone is going to need a bail bond in the morning.

Domestic Violence

Most summer arrests involve drinking and acting out of hand. An unfortunately common example of a summer arrest is domestic violence. Once again, the stress of the heat, combined with alcohol and other catalysts can quickly lead to a domestic argument that becomes violent.

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