How Do Bail Bond Companies Make Money?

Most people understand that bail bonds can be an affordable way to help get themselves or a loved one out of a pinch with the law. But while 10 percent of total bail is paid to the bondsman, one may start to wonder how bail bond companies make money while providing this essential service to the public.

Let’s examine how the bail system works in Texas and what actions bail bond companies take to ensure they stay in business and are able to help with bail 24/7 and “at any cost.”

What is The Bail Process in Texas?

When an offender is granted bail, they must pay a set bail amount to the courts in order to be free from jail until their actual hearings begin. When cash bail is involved, those who pay the bail will get the money back once the defendant has attended all court dates and completed all requirements demanded by the courts.

When a defendant fails to meet their responsibilities with the law, the entirety of the bail is forfeited and that person usually finds themselves facing a bench warrant for their arrest.

How Do Bail Bond Companies Afford to Stay Open?

So, what does all of this have to do with the success of bail bond companies? Everything.

When a person applies for a bail bond through a reliable bondsman, they are essentially paying a flat fee for the bondsman to handle bail amounts that most people generally can’t afford. Between the number of cases that bail bonds take on and the constant ebb and flow of cash between them and the courts, there are many cogs in the bail system that keep great bondsmen in business.

Smaller Bail Amounts Add Up Fast

When it comes to bail bonds, quantity is key to allowing bondsmen to continue to help their clients. Although “smaller” bail bonds of $150 to $500 dollars may not seem like a lot as a single client. Add several of these smaller accounts up every day, and it’s clear to see where many bail bond agencies can afford to make the bail amounts they bring to the courts.

We Focus on Risk Assessment

Although bail bond agents are not allowed to break any federal or state anti-discrimination laws, who they work with is ultimately their choice.

Risk assessment is something that every bondsman will examine before taking on a new client. If they are first-time offenders or have a history of attending court dates, the chances are they will be a low-risk client that adds to the bondsman’s portfolio.

However, clients that are a flight-risk or just seem like they won’t attend their court dates, could cost a bail bond company thousands of dollars that may be nearly impossible to retrieve from responsible parties.

Bail Bond Companies Do Whatever it Takes to Get You to Court

No bail bond company wants to be on the hook for a person that skips their court hearings. That’s why we schedule regular check-ins and keep up with the courts to ensure that the people we help truly meet their legal obligations.

In fact, at Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds, we will even go so far as to give our clients rides to their court appearances if they need one.

Get Out of Jail Today, With Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds

Don’t let you or a loved one remain confined to a jail cell after an arrest. Trust the bail bond experts of Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds help unlock cells and bring defendants home.

We are open 24/7 and ready to help with any bail amount. Contact us today to start the bail bond application process.

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