Courts May Close But The Bail Bonds Go On

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COVID-19 has made a severe impact on daily life in Dallas. In fact, because of the recent city shutdowns, getting arrested in Dallas can become a far less pleasant experience than before the virus hit our city.

We all know that bars, restaurants and small businesses have shut their doors; but did you know that most courts have gone on hiatus as well? Before you or a loved one take a chance on a supply run that could get you arrested, here’s some important information that should make you think twice about leaving home.

What’s Going on With the Courts?

According to an article from the Texas Tribune, as coronavirus spread across the state, many judges decided that it was time to close up shop and keep their quarters virus-free. With court closures, not only has the legal process of getting offenders to trial slowed down but so has the overall approval of Dallas bail bonds, leaving people in jail for even longer amounts of time.

The Dangers of Slowing Down During COVID-19

While the majority of the population practices self-isolation, a slower legal system packed with canceled hearings leaves prisoners in jail and at-risk. Even though they are in technical isolation, a prison or jail is still an open location that can easily become a breeding ground for the Coronavirus.

Although most jails will take as many precautions as possible, the open and crowded setting can allow the virus to spread quickly and could lead to fatal consequences without proper medical response in place.

Why Our Bail Bond Services Are Always Open

No matter the crime, we know that every family member would want their loved one to be home safe and sound with them. With proper sanitization products and the freedom to wash their hands like the WHO and CDC deem essential, your loved one is definitely better off at home than stuck in a jail cell where precautions aren’t guaranteed.

At 1st Call Bail Bonds, we are a team of Dallas bondsmen that know, even aside from a slower process, bail can still be met through perseverance and an agent that truly knows how to work with the legal system.

Fight For Your Loved One’s Freedom With 1st Call Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one have been arrested in Dallas, the bondsmen at 1st Call Bail Bonds are still available to help. Despite COVID-19, we remain open 24/7 and have taken every necessary precaution to keep our employees and customers safe. If your family needs a bondsman that will try their hardest to push bail through, contact us today!

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