How to Fill Out a Bail Bond Application

They don’t teach you how to fill out a bail bond application in school. Fortunately, a little help from Fort Worth bail bonds experts can speed up the process. If you’re one of the thousands of people to get arrested in Texas every year, you’ll need to know about bail bonds.

A bail bond is your ticket to returning to the comfort of your home while awaiting your hearing instead of being stuck in a cell. While the process can seem complicated, it’s important to remember that bail bonds DFW companies help people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area head home after arrest every single day.

How to Complete a Bail Bond Application After Being Arrested in Texas

Following arrest and booking, a trial date is set. This is also when a bail price is set. A person who is able to pay bail will be released under the promise that they will show up for their initial hearing date.

Most people don’t have the cash to cover bail. That doesn’t mean they have to stay in jail! Using a licensed Arlington bail bonds company, a person can fill out an application to pay a lower rate. The following information is needed when completing a bail bond application:

  • Your full name
  • Jail name
  • Report or booking number
  • Charges involved

A bail bonds application typically asks for personal references for people who would be able to contact you easily. A credit history with banking information and a Social Security number may also be required.

If you are completing an application on behalf of another person, you will need to provide both personal contact information and information for the arrested person.

Why It’s Important to Follow the Terms of Your Bail Bond Agreement

A bail bondsman is essentially loaning you the cost of bail under the assumption that you will show up in court. If you skip your court date, the bail bondsman will then work with bounty hunters to track you down.

When completing a bail bond application, you’ll need to pay a total percentage of the cost of bail to the bondsman you’re working with. While bail is temporary, this fee is permanent. Consider it the commission given to the bondsman for providing a bail service to you.

Additionally, providing some form of collateral is usually necessary to cover the remainder of the bail loan. The purpose of putting up collateral is to prove that you intend to make your court date. Collateral can be a home, a car, or some other valuable possession.

Posting Bail

Your bail bondsman is the one who takes on the responsibility to post bail for you with the court after you complete your bail bond application. Having a bail bonds DFW expert with intimate knowledge of the local court system handle this task for you takes a big responsibility off of your shoulders.

This expertise allows the process to be completed much faster because the average citizen is simply unfamiliar with the bail process.

What Happens After Bail Is Posted in Texas?

Once bail has been posted on your behalf, you’ll simply wait to be released. This usually happens within a few hours of bail being posted. It’s not uncommon for all paperwork to be completed within an hour of the bondsman submitting your bail information to the court or jail.

After you get released, you’re free to return to your normal life while you wait for your trial. While bail bondsmen can get you out of jail, they can’t help you avoid your trial. You are responsible for attending all hearings to ensure that your collateral gets returned to you!

Get a Bail Bond Application in Dallas-Fort Worth

Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds of Fort Worth understands how stressful an arrest can be for your family. If you’re seeking bail bonds services in Fort Worth for a loved one who has been arrested and charged, our team is here to help you quickly get through the application process. We are a licensed, respected company offering 24-hour Fort Worth bail bonds! Contact us now

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