Between Bail and the Court Date

The time in between the initial bail of an offender and their scheduled court date is like limbo for the individuals involved. An initial court date could be a couple of weeks after bail, so what is a person out on a bail bond legally able to do in order to get ahead on their case?

Let’s just say that the answer isn’t “whatever you want.” Here are some tips to prepare for your court date after getting bailed out of jail while also adhering to the legalities involved with a bail bond and the law.

Follow Conditions of Release

Upon your release on bail, you will have conditions of release that you need to abide by. Violating specific terms regarding these conditions could mean you are violating your bail bond terms as well and could end up back in jail.

Do You Have Travel Restrictions?

If your conditions of release mention having any travel restrictions, you will want to double-check with your attorney and bondsman what said restrictions are. Usually, these restrictions prevent an offender from leaving:

  • The city of the offense
  • The county
  • The state

In more serious cases, however, these terms could mean you cannot even leave your home. Don’t put your freedom at risk. Make sure to ask the right questions regarding your travel restrictions in order to stay out of a pinch.

Report, Report, Report!

If anything like your physical address and employment situation changes and it is not reported to the courts or bail bond office, you are at risk of putting yourself at odds with your conditions of release.

Always make sure to report any changes in your information to the courts and your bondsman as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to make any required “check-ins” with your bondsman. We take our visits seriously and expect our clients to do the same. Failure to check-in with your bondsman goes against your agreement and you will be charged.

Surrender Your Documents if Necessary

Depending on the circumstances of your bail process, you may have to surrender some of your private documents to be held until the court date. If you are a person that is labeled as at-risk of fleeing and skipping on bail, be prepared to surrender your passport and driver’s license.

Need to Go to Rehab? Keep Your Bondsman in the Loop

Some people who’ve been released on bail may have other responsibilities that could keep them from their court date. Yes, if you miss your court date as a “no-call, no-show,” you will have a warrant stamped on your record.

However, if your a person dealing with an addiction problem and your rehab date shows up, male sure to inform your lawyer to appear in court for you with the required documentation. Failure to do so and failure to check-in with your bondsman about your rehab stay and dates will result in you being charged and sent back to jail.

Get the Facts on Your Bail from a Reliable DFW Bondsman

Acquiring a bail bond in DFW isn’t hard, but finding a bondsman that will give you all the facts can require some digging. Our bail bond offices across DFW have experienced bondsmen that are prepared to answer any questions that you have regarding your conditions of release. Contact one of our locations today to get your bail bond process started.

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