Understanding The Booking Process And Your Bail

DFW Bail Bonds

Many people think they know the drill when it comes to getting booked and bailed out of jail. However, there are more details to the process and its involvement with bail bonds than one is likely to fully understand.

At DFW Bail Bonds, we are proud to offer people in a rut premiere bail bond services from our numerous offices across the Metroplex. Here’s some detailed insight into the booking process and how bail really works.

Initial Booking Procedures

After you’ve been arrested and brought to the police station or jail, the booking process begins. Before you even end up behind cell doors, this part of the process involves:

  • Obtaining fingerprints
  • Taking the mug shot

This part of your arrest also involves you giving the authorities standard information like your full name, home address, and place of employment. Keep in mind that none of the information given by you at this time will be used against you in court. Therefore, try to remain calm in order to avoid making the bail process a difficult one due to unruliness.

“You’ve Got One Phone Call”

Once you’ve been placed in your holding cell, based on your offense, you may be granted the opportunity for a phone call to a family member or friend. Make this phone call count and use it as your first steps towards getting in touch with a reliable bondsman and your defense attorney.

Do You Qualify for Bail?

In most instances, your court case will qualify for a set degree of bail based on the county’s bail schedule. Should your crime be more severe, you will have to go before a judge the next day where the charges held against you are read. Once you have determined if you qualify for bail and what the bail is, you can officially begin the process of setting bail.

You’ve Posted Bail, Now What?

Whether you paid the courts in full or financed bail through a bail bonds company, your release from jail is not the end of your legal situation. Especially if you went through a bail bonds service, you want to ensure that you attend all of your scheduled court dates that will follow.

Should you fail to appear in court after bailing out of jail not only are you committing a crime, but you could also be harming your family members that helped bail you out with a bondsman. Jumping your bail may result in:

  • The forfeit of your bond
  • Additional charges for failing to show up in court
  • The continuation of your pending criminal charges

Get Through the Booking Process and Back Home with DFW Bail Bonds, Open 24/7

If you are ever in the unfortunate situation where you are arrested and have to face the booking process first-hand, make the right moves to protect your future. Get in touch with DFW Bail Bonds to ensure a quick, professional bail that gets you out of jail. Contact us today to get the bail process started.