How to Answer the Questions a Bondsman Will Ask

Acquiring a bail bond can be a stressful situation for anyone. On top of the fact that your friend or loved one is in jail, there will be several questions asked prior to the issuing of the bond.

Even though answering these questions may be difficult on the spot, we’ve created this cheat sheet to help people who need a bail bond in DFW!

Here are the top questions a bondsman will ask and how your answers could expedite the process!

Where is the Person in Custody?

Bail can’t be completely processed until your bondsman has the information that they need. One of the most important pieces of information is where the person is being held.

The information that you’ll need to provide is very specific and includes:

  • The state and city where the jail is located
  • Zip code where the offender is located

Although this may all sound like extremely basic information, your agent will need to be as precise as possible when drafting your paperwork and ensuring the bond goes where it is needed.

What is the Complete Information of the Offender?

You will need as much information on your loved one as possible. Not only will you need their full name, but you will also be asked to provide their booking number. While in jail, a booking number is used to record inmates information and their case itself.

If you need help finding this information, there are inmate lookup and services sites that you can use to get this important info, fast!

How Much is Their Bail?

Once the booking number is in hand, your bondsman will be able to find out how much bail is and what they will need to post. You could always speed up this process by knowing the bail ahead of time.

Remember, the cost of a bail bond is typically 10 percent of the total bail. If you have any concerns about paying this fee, we suggest talking with your certified bondsman for arrangements.

Do You Have Employer Information or References?

Bailing someone out means that there is always the risk that the person will skip bail and leave the bail bond company with the bill. Asking you for employer information or references is a way for us to have another form of insurance if your loved one doesn’t show up to court.

In this instance, locating the person is paramount, and these references could help find the individual and turn them into the authorities.

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