How to Avoid Getting Arrested During Traffic Stop

It can be stressful to deal with a traffic stop as you’re trying to get from one destination to the next. Even if you’re not in the wrong in any way, these situations tend to lead to stress and discomfort.

Unfortunately, these feelings make the situation tricky as you speak with police. You must know your rights during a routine traffic stop and ensure you can avoid getting arrested and having to deal with obtaining a Dallas bail bond.

Your Right to Remain Silent

Whether you’re pulled over because you’ve caused a traffic violation or stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, you have the right to remain silent during your interaction with authorities.

You don’t want to refuse to speak to the office that is in charge but you don’t have to offer up any more information than is completely necessary. Remain polite and respectful during your conversation and offer up your license and registration when asked.

Do Not Agree to a Search

A lot of people assume that if a police officer asks to search their vehicle, this is something they have to agree to. In fact, you do not have to consent to a police search of your vehicle. The most that officers want to do during a traffic stop is to check your license and registration, so comply with those requests.

Your license and registration information is briefly run through the system to ensure you don’t have a warrant out for your arrest or aren’t wanted for questioning. If you’re asked for anything more than this or are asked to agree to a search of your automobile, politely communicate that you’re not giving consent.

Never get physical with an officer to stop them from searching your vehicle. This action will surely land you with an arrest, greater charges, and potential injuries.

Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Some people immediately get upset when they see that they’re being pulled over. While it’s not every day that you interact with the police, they are regular human beings as well.

In the bigger picture, getting pulled over is a routine situation that you may pass through within minutes. You can make the situation seem more suspicious if you seem agitated or anxious when interacting with the police. Be respectful, stay calm and avoid any quick movements that could cause police to react defensively.

Charged with Criminal Activity

If the situation escalates and you are charged with a criminal act, understand what’s happening. A police officer can’t decide to arrest you or ticket you without legitimate reason. If you’re unclear of the reason, ask calmly what the cause is behind the ticket or arrest.

Don’t act belligerent or become angry. The goal is to prevent this situation from escalating and having to work with a Dallas bail bond company to regain your freedom.

Arrested in Dallas? 1st Call Bail Bonds Can Help

If you are arrested and face a criminal charge that would otherwise keep you locked up, you may still have the opportunity to be released by posting bail. A Dallas bail bond ensures that you can wait for your upcoming court date outside of a jail cell.

If this is your first time applying for a bail bond on behalf of yourself or a family member, 1st Call Bail Bonds is here to help. Our Dallas office is open 24/7, and our bondsmen are always available to help you address any concerns you may have about the process.

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