Can You Get a Bail Bond Reinstated?

A bail bond is an insurance policy given to the court that ensures you will come to your court date if let out of jail. When it comes to bail bonds, certain conditions must be met to keep your bond in good standing.

For some people, a weekly check-in may be necessary for the bond to stay good. For others, you may be required to take a drug or alcohol test weekly until your court date. For some, you may just have to show up at the courthouse on the specific date and time for your bond to remain valid.

If you do not comply with the terms of your bail bond, you can have the bond revoked, and a warrant will be placed for your arrest.

You’re in luck if you’re facing a revoked bail bond but believe you have a valid reason to get it reinstated. There are circumstances within the legal system where you can get a bail bond reinstatement approved by the court. Let’s get into how this works.

How To Get A Bail Bond Reinstatement

The first thing you should do if you have violated the terms of your bail bond is to contact your Dallas bail bond company and tell them what happened. Time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to obtain reinstatement.

Explain Why You Missed Your Court Appearance

Once you have contacted your bail bond company, you must provide a valid reason for the missed court appearance. Your bail bond company can work with the court or your attorney to help you get the bond reinstated.

It is important to understand that the bail bond company does not make the final decision if the bail bond can be reinstated. The court has full discretion. They are going to look at several factors before deciding to reinstate the bond. Some of these factors will include the following:

* The actual reason for missing the court date
* If the bond was violated for another reason, they would look at that reason
* The original charges against you
* If there is a history of missing court dates or violating bond requirements
* If the court feels you may have become a flight risk
* If the violation was attached to a subsequent arrest

The court will look at the circumstances and work with your attorney and bail bond company to determine if it believes you can be trusted to appear in court at your new hearing date.

What Happens To My Collateral?

If your bail is revoked, any collateral you have used for your bond will become the property of the court.

You will have to request that the court release this property or use it towards your reinstated bail. If the court does not approve of reinstatement, you forfeit your right to the items, and they become the property of the court.

Don’t Miss Your Court Date

The best solution to this problem is to avoid it altogether. Make sure that you meet all the conditions of your bail bond while you are awaiting trial, and make sure you appear at all scheduled court dates surrounding your offense.

If there is a valid reason that you cannot make it to your court date, such as hospitalization, then call your bail bond company immediately. The bail bond company and your lawyer can work with the court before there is a problem with changing your court date. This can help you avoid revoking your bail and having a bench warrant placed against you for failure to appear.

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