4 Reasons to Get an Attorney When You Have a Warrant Out for Your Arrest

If you do some digging and find out that you have a warrant out for your arrest, what should you do?

Some would say they’d turn themselves in. However, that would mean having to deal with the initial legal process on your own and arguing your own case in the hope it gets dismissed.

Turning yourself in without legal representation is a risky act. As bail bond professionals with your best interests in mind, we’re here to give you four reasons why you should work with an attorney before voluntarily turning yourself in.

  1. Attorneys Can Further Investigate Your Case

    Sometimes you may not even understand why you have a warrant in your name. A criminal defense attorney will thoroughly research your case and provide you with accurate information regarding the charges against you and the potential consequences that come with them.

  2. They Can Help With Your Bond Costs

    Your attorney will be able to discuss your potential bond costs associated with the charges. They can also check to see if the bond has been raised since the courts placed the bench warrant in your name. This information can help you and your family save up and prepare to pay for a bail bond, which will make the process of turning yourself in smoother and ensure you are not in jail for long (if at all).

  3. Sometimes Your Warrant Can Be Quashed

    If the courts have an invalid bench warrant in your name, you won’t know its validity because you aren’t on the inside. A defense lawyer can research your situation and find the proper reasoning to request a motion to quash your warrant.

    Quashing your warrant makes a warrant null and void in situations where bureaucratic issues like failure to inform you of a court date prevented you from making your scheduled appearance in court.

    However, if the warrant is completely valid and you simply failed to appear, we suggest securing a Fort Worth bail bond and reading into our fourth reason to hire an attorney.

  4. Legal Representations

    If all other efforts with hiring a lawyer to fight your warrant go south and you are set to head to court, having a criminal defense attorney on your side is beneficial.

    You’re going to need future representation to build a proper case that helps you get out of a serious sentence. While this is never a guarantee, your criminal defense lawyer will definitely be able to help you make a better effort to gain a dismissal than you would have on your own.

If You Still Need a Bail Bond, Reach Out to Big Bubba

Getting arrested in Fort Worth because of a warrant can put a quick kink in your future. Whether you have prior legal representation or not, you will need a bail bond to help you prepare for the court appearances to come.

At Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds, we bring our clients home from stints in jail and ensure they wait in comfort for their initial court hearings.

We are open 24/7 and can cover bail at any cost. Reach out to us today to start the bail bond process.

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