6 Things You Should Never Do If You’re Arrested in McKinney

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If you are ever arrested in McKinney or Collin County, it’s important to remember two things:

  1. You have rights while under arrest.
  2. Your rights don’t make you immune to penalties that could impact the severity of your charges.

In order for you to have a smooth transition between arrest, bail, and a fair arraignment, make sure that you never do these seven things when the possibility of arrest is on the line.

Never Resist Arrest

The biggest thing is that you should always avoid resisting arrest. Any situation that pits you physically against an arresting officer could spell major legal troubles down the road, like a misdemeanor becoming a felony. 

Aside from legal woes, you want to focus on the fight you can win, and that’s the fight against your case.

Never Run

Running is one of the most obvious signs of guilt and will be used against you in the police report. Always comply with your arresting officers, and for your own safety, never make an attempt to run for it. 

You can’t outrun a squad car and backup. So, take the arrest on the chin and have a reliable Mckinney Bail bondsman in mind for your first phone call.

Don’t Try to Convince the Officer You’re Innocent

The officer arresting you isn’t the one who determines your innocence in the crime. However, trying to convince the officer of your innocence or continuously running your mouth off could lead to negative demerits against you in the police report that’s sent to the judge.

You’ll have your day in court to proclaim your innocence to the judge. So, make sure to secure a bail bond as soon as possible so you can be prepared for your first hearing.

Do Not Step Outside of Your Home if Police Come to Your Door

If the police know that you committed a crime, they’re going to obtain a warrant, march through your front door and arrest you. However, if there is any hint of doubt that you’ve committed the crime, they may not have obtained the warrant they need to arrest you. 

So, if the police come knocking at your door and ask you to step outside, ask to see a warrant, and do not step outside of your home. Once you’ve done so, they have every right to arrest you on suspicion.

Don’t Accept the Offer to Go Back inside

If you do step outside and are declared under arrest, don’t accept any offers to go back inside to collect any clothing or inform your family of your situation. 

You will have to be escorted and this counts as an invitation into your home which opens your entire property up for a thorough search without a warrant.

Don’t Forget to Call Goodfellas Bail Bonds for a Smooth Release

Finally, always have a great bondsman in mind to help get you out of a legal bind. With the help of Goodfellas Bail Bonds, you could quickly be back at home with your family regardless of your charges or bail amount.

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rear view of prison officer leading prisoner in handcuffs in corridorrear view of prison officer leading prisoner in handcuffs