What Happens If You Can’t Make Bail in Fort Worth?

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When most people are arrested for a crime, their first thought is “well, at least I can make bail.” However, this isn’t always the case for every offender in Fort Worth. Sometimes, circumstances don’t line up and bail isn’t always in the cards.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why some people don’t make bail and what can be done about it based on their current legal standing.

Reasons for Being Unable to Make Bail

There are many reasons why a person is unable to post bail in Fort Worth. Two of the biggest reasons unrelated to finances are:

  1. The severity of the crime. Something along the lines of assault and murder will not allow initial bail.
  2. If someone is considered a flight risk or a threat to their community while out on bail, bail isn’t usually an option.

Finally, you just may not have the funds to afford bailing yourself out of this situation. Unfortunately, even lack of funds to pay directly to the courts results in inevitable jail time until your court hearing.

You Await Your Court Hearing in a Cell

While most courts try to get court hearings held as soon as possible, some cases may take weeks or even months to be heard. If you aren’t able to get out on bail, you run the risk of having to craft your case in the discomfort of a jail cell and through infrequent visits with your attorney.

Ask a Friend or Family Member for Help

If finances are a problem with your bail, you could always reach out to a family member for help through a Fort Worth bondsman. Bail bonds are easy to apply for and only cost 10 percent of what your actual bail amount is.

The catch is, your family member or friend will be a co-signer in the process, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re on top of all responsibilities that come with your temporary freedom. This includes:

  • Checking in with your bondsman based on a provided schedule
  • Attending all court hearings
  • Staying in town until your case is resolved

A family member’s help with a bail bond is a show of good faith on their end, and breaking your bail arrangements could cost them the total bail amount in the long-run.

Await Your Hearing From the Comfort of Home with Big Bubba’s Help!

If you or a loved one are arrested in Fort Worth and are eligible for bail, don’t pay the courts directly. Save your family the time and money with help from Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds. If your arrest has a bail amount attached to it, we are open 24/7 to help you wait for your hearing where you want to! Contact us today to get the bail process started.

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