5 Ways a Fort Worth Bail Bond Beats a Prison Sentence

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When you’ve found yourself in the arms of the law and facing the choice of a straight sentencing or a bail bond that allows you to best prepare your case, make sure the right choices are made! While some former inmates may tell you that life on the inside isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be, our team begs to differ.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t give up your rights without a fight and why your first call from jail should be to a Fort Worth bondsman.

In Prison, Education Only Goes So Far

Sure, prisons try to keep their inmates moving forward with education and work programs for the duration of a sentence. Although it’s admirable for someone to have the shot at a general education and high school diploma, that’s unfortunately as far as you can get.

With the help of a bail bond and a great criminal defense attorney on your side, you have a better shot of turning your life around and getting an education that extends beyond what a prison cell can offer. Make the moves to better yourself now, starting with a bail bond.

Work Just Isn’t as Satisfying

Outside of prison, you have the choice of what kind of work to do for an honest living. While confined, you’ll still be assigned a job in your ward, but it won’t be:

  • A cush, pencil-pushing position
  • Something that pays even minimum wage. In Texas, inmates aren’t paid to carry out their assigned duties.

Clothing is Regulated Through and Through

Although you may wear your own clothes in prison if allowed to, the majority of the outfits offered to inmates are heavily regulated and based on a prisoner’s associated risk within the prison.

For example:

  • Red Uniforms = High-risk prisoners
  • Dark Red Uniforms = Supermax
  • Orange Uniforms = Medium-risk prisoners
  • Grey Uniforms = Low-risk prisoners

Keep your style on your schedule with the help of a bail bond if you end up in a legal bind.

Time Outside is Heavily Regulated

If you’re someone who loves the great outdoors and gets sent to prison, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. Not only are you told when you can go outside, but your time spent out there may only be a total of a few hours per day.

A Bail Bond Allows You to Create a Daily Routine

You should always be the one in charge of your destiny. However, getting arrested and tossed in prison literally forfeits your right to carrying out your daily tasks on your own terms. You are told when to get up, when to eat, how long recreation breaks are, and how often you can communicate with those on the outside.

If that combined with being confined to a jail cell for an unknown number of years doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, work with a bondsman to get the first potential steps towards your freedom started.

Keep Your Freedom Flexible With Help From Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds

Although a bail bond is never a guarantee that you won’t serve hard time for a crime, it at least gives you the opportunity to best position yourself before going into your court hearings. No matter the crime or bail amount, Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds is here to help you and your family. We are open 24/7 and ready to bail you out of a Fort Worth jail cell. Contact us today to get the bail bond process started.

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