The True Cost of A DUI in Fort Worth

Drinking and driving is something no responsible person should attempt. But, unfortunately, it happens and the chances are high you’ll get caught.


Getting slapped with a DUI is a scary experience for any driver leaving 7th Street under the influence in Fort Worth. From facing jail time to having to live with any accidents they caused while intoxicated, there’s a lot of trauma that comes with the territory of breaking the law with this offense.


If you or a loved one recently got arrested and charged with a DUI, understanding what comes with your offense helps you plan your next legal moves. Here’s a look at the many ways you’ll have to pay for your DUI offense as you navigate the Tarrant County courts system!

How is a First-Time DUI Offender Charged in 2024?

Getting your first DUI means you’ll be charged with a Class B misdemeanor. This can lead to up to 180 days in county jail and fines of up to $2,000.


If it’s your first DUI, you’re likely to spend a mandatory 3 days in county jail and attend rehab or a DWI school. At this point some of the hefty costs start coming into play.

How Much Does a DUI Cost?

First off, if you want to get out of jail fast, you’ll need to post bail. This starts at around $1,000 dollars. Most people don’t just have that laying around, so they’ll need help from a Fort Worth bail bond company. While that will take the costs of bail down at only 10% of the total amount, you’ll need to save your money for the following serious expenses.


Did you know that it costs money just to have to show up in court? Yes, the judges and bailiffs need to get paid also. In 2024, you’re looking at court costs of $500 dollars. On top of that, if you want great defense, you’ll have to pay for an attorney. Attorney fees vary, but you could pay anywhere in the ballpark of $9,000.


According to the American Addiction Center, your first offense DUI cost could be $24,000 or more. This includes all court fines, license reinstatement fees, rehab treatment, towing fees, paying for your jail stint, and even covering your court-appointed attorney if you get one.

What Are the Consequences Beyond Financial Penalties?

While the financial aspects of a DUI may sound bad enough, there are still many other consequences a driver can face for putting themselves and others at risk and earning a DUI offense.

Responsibility for Damage and Death

When you drink and drive, you put lives at risk. Not only could you cause substantial property damage while behind the wheel, but a killing someone in an auto accident while intoxicated, leaves you facing:

  • A second degree felony
  • 2-20 years in prison
  • Fines up to $10,000

Ignition Interlock Installation

For a first offense, Texas believes in coming down with the law in full force. One of the mandates for a first DUI conviction is to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. Not only does this cost around $1,400 to install and maintain, but it severely impedes how your vehicle functions.


The device is designed to record your current BAC every time you try to start your vehicle. If your BAC is above a set limit, your car isn’t going to go anywhere.

Suspended Driving Privileges

Aside from standard DUI costs, first offenses also come with suspended driving privileges. Getting a DUI can leave you without a legal license for up to a year after your first offense. This even happens when you legally refuse a breathalyzer test during the initial sobriety check.


Not only will reinstating your license cost you money, but finding ways to get around town can quickly begin to affect your finances.

Secure Your Future After DUI with Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds

However, one shouldn’t immediately plead guilty after being arrested for a DUI. A DUI, like every other legal issue should involve you meeting with defense attorneys to find some way to fight for your case.


A bail bond from Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds in Fort Worth, Texas, can provide you with the opportunity you need to get out from behind bars and meet with legal counsel before your initial court hearing. We are open 24/7 and ready to help you start meeting your legal requirements from the comfort of your own home. Contact us today to start the bail bond process.



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