Juvenile Arrests and Bail Bonds in Dallas

No parent wants to see their child on the wrong side of the law, but sometimes this is the sad reality for juveniles in the Dallas area. In the state of Texas, juveniles are citizens under the legal age of 18.

When a minor commits a crime, justice is still carried out. However, parents must understand that in these instances, the courts take a different approach to the legal process and bail. If you have a juvenile who is at risk of becoming a court-system statistic, here is everything you need to know about juvenile arrests and bail bonds in the Dallas area.

The Arrest Procedure Varies

The booking process for a minor is quite different from the usual arrest. Dependent on the officer and the severity of the offense, not every crime is going to result in a child behind bars. Most juveniles that get in trouble with the law find themselves charged with misdemeanors and are released directly into parental custody.

However, if the crime was violent or excessive, officers may send the juvenile to a detention facility. This is also the case when the child’s parents or responsible guardian can’t be located to claim custody.

Unique Factors of Juvenile Hearings

In a standard court hearing, the offender has the right to a jury during a trial. However, in the case of a minor, the sentencing rests completely in the presiding judge’s hands. Most juvenile hearings are private affairs, but there are situations, such as felony charges, where a courtroom will be open to the public.

If the case is serious enough and the defendant is 16 or older, they may be tried as an adult. However, the courts will usually make every effort in their power to evaluate the situation and avoid sending a child directly to a standard prison.

Bail Isn’t Guaranteed in All States

While bail is always an option for adults, it isn’t usually one for juveniles in most states. However, in Texas, a legal guardian can obtain a bail bond to get their child out of custody until their hearing.

The bail bond process for a minor retains the standard 10 percent bail fee to a licensed Dallas bondsman. However, parents must keep in mind that since their child is a minor, the responsibility of the bond is entirely up to them.

This makes the parent responsible for their child’s attendance of hearings, behavior outside of custody and full payment of the bond if the child skips bail.

Minor Problems in Dallas? Get a Bail Bond Today!

If you are a parent or guardian who has found their family in turmoil after a juvenile arrest, let one of our Dallas-Fort Worth bail bond offices help put your mind at ease. We have locations across the metroplex and can ensure your child will be safe at home with you while waiting for a hearing. Contact a certified bondsman at our 1st Call Bail Bonds location to get the process started!