Everything to Know About DWI Checkpoints in Dallas

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If you’ve driven around Dallas during a major sporting event or holiday, chances are high that you’ve witnessed a DWI checkpoint. These are roadblocks that police set up to check the sobriety of randomly selected drivers passing through the designated area. 

Getting pulled over and charged with a DUI will definitely find a Dallas driver in need of a bail bond. However, before you take that breathalyzer, make sure you understand the full legalities behind DWI checkpoints in the state of Texas.

How Legal Are Dallas DWI Checkpoints?

The short answer is, DWI checkpoints aren’t legal at all in Texas! They’ve been challenged based on the Fourth Amendment that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizure. 

Being stopped at one of these checkpoints is considered seizure because there is no traffic violation to back up the stop. However, legal or not, these checkpoints are held during dates when drivers may be skipping sobriety. Some popular no refusal weekends where checkpoints are common are New Years and the Fourth of July!

Keep in mind though, the location, time and date of the checkpoint are released to the media and warning signs are placed to inform drivers of what is coming. These aren’t technically traps but are meant to keep the roads safe by weeding out drivers through reasonable suspicion.

If you find yourself being suspected of driving while intoxicated during a checkpoint, know your rights as a Texan and keep these tips from a Dallas bondsman in mind.

Provide Your Information

If suspected of drunk driving, an officer will ask for your license and registration. Our recommendation is to remain polite and provide said information to the officer. Don’t exacerbate the situation by refusing and creating a further reason for detainment.

Stay Quiet

Remember, just because you’ve been pulled over during a checkpoint, doesn’t mean you have to answer questions beyond handing over your license and registration. Remember, these checkpoints aren’t legal, so you don’t technically need to answer if you’ve been drinking or where you are headed. 

However, if you have been obeying the law and are driving sober, polite compliance should result in zero consequence.

Don’t Refuse Sobriety Tests

Once again, these are illegal checkpoints, so the sobriety tests and searches asked of you can be refused. However, as bondsmen who have seen our share of DWI cases, these refusals often result in arrests. Even if you’re sober, it’s always best to handle the situation appropriately and declare your rights with respect. 

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