How to Get Your Denton Bail Bond Reinstated

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If you’ve ever gotten out of jail on a Denton bail bond, only to have your bond revoked, then you already know the stress that comes along with this problem. However, if your bond’s been revoked, don’t start packing up for the big house just yet.

Find out what steps you can take that can get your bail bond reinstated and take any outstanding bench warrants off of your back.

Why Would My Bail Bond Be Revoked?

The bail bond process doesn’t end when you’ve been released from jail. You still have other legal obligations to handle like required court dates and related release terms.

Should you fail to appear in court or violate any of your terms of release, your bond will be revoked by the courts and you’ll have the law at your heels in no time.

How Do I Get My Bail Bond Reinstated?

Having your bond revoked is no picnic and comes with a hefty fine, lengthy jail time, or even a stay at the state prison. Fortunately, you can make an attempt to avoid these results by following these three steps after you realize your bond may have been revoked.

Bail bond reinstatement is exactly how it sounds; after accepting proper documentation along with a fee, the courts will reinstate your bond and remove any bench warrants connected to your case.

Reach Out to Your Attorney

You’ve already been arrested once for your crime, so the chances are you already have legal representation on your side. By contacting your attorney the moment you know your bail has been revoked you can get on the fast track to reinstatement. 

Your legal representation will be able to help you prepare for your next court appearance and gather the required documents you and your bondsman will need to complete the process.

Call Your Denton Bondsman

If you posted a bond from Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds, you’ll have to get our permission to apply for reinstatement. We have access to the court-ordered forms required for reinstatement and will be able to file a motion once we have the necessary information.

The information we’ll need to file a motion includes:

  • Your case number
  • The prosecuting state
  • Why you missed your hearing
  • Why you deserve to get your bail reinstated

Of course, blatant negligence on your end won’t help your case, but some instances where the courts may grant you leeway include:

  • Missing a court hearing due to a medical or family emergency
  • Turning yourself in once you realize you’ve violated your terms of bail
  • Being unaware that you’ve violated your conditions of bail (i.e. unknowingly showing up in a location near a person you’re not supposed to be in contact with, and then getting reported after the fact)

Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds Helps You Understand Your Terms of Revocation

Don’t start the new year off with bench warrants following you around town. If you know you’ve violated your terms of bail, your best bet is to reach out to Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds for help. Our certified bond agents can help you understand why your bail has been revoked and what you can do to try and get out of your current situation.

We’re here to help your family 24/7. Contact us today if you have a loved one in need of a bail bond.