Getting Ready For Your Court Appearance

When you’ve been released from jail with a Dallas bail bond, you may be resting easy at home, but know that the legal process isn’t through with you yet. Your next big step towards official freedom is your court hearing that was scheduled upon your release.

Going to court can be confusing, scary and overwhelming for anyone. After all, the outcome of these cases officially seals your fate. Don’t show up unprepared and fumble your case. Follow this simple checklist and be the best version of you in front of the judge!

Don’t Skip Bail!

The first step to getting ready for your court appearance is to actually plan on showing up! Just because you’re out of jail doesn’t mean you’re home free. Missing your court dates while on bail is equal to a first-class ticket back to the big house. Avoid being tracked down by a bounty hunter and make concrete plans to appear in court.

Get Your Case Organized

Whether you have a family lawyer on-hand or have been appointed one by the courts, now is the time to meet with your representation and get organized. Gather up all paperwork and documentation that pertain to your case and present it to your attorney. This will allow them to be prepared and make your court date an organized and efficient affair.

Visit the Courthouse Before Your Court Appearance

When the courts schedule a hearing, the time and date is usually non-negotiable. Even though you already plan on attending your hearing, make sure you have a clear idea of how long it will take you to get to the actual courthouse.

The goal is to arrive at your appointment early, so knowing your route and potential traffic hiccups is essential. Before your appearance, pick a weekday to travel to the courthouse and arrive at the time you plan on checking in. This will not only help you ensure a trusted route but will help relieve some of the stress involved with your appearance.

Get Your Outfit Ready

Speaking of your appearance, what you wear matters in court! When you make your visit to the courthouse during the planning period, take a look around and see what other people are wearing.

One tip that will never steer you wrong is to dress like you would for a job interview. Give yourself a professional look that will prevent any distractions during the hearing.

Start the Path to Freedom With 1st Call Bail Bonds

At 1st Call Bail Bonds, we are prepared to cover your charges 24/7. We know that being stuck behind bars for even the night can be a daunting situation. If you find yourself in legal trouble at a Dallas jail, make us your first call to freedom! Contact us today to start the bail process!