How Does An Arrest Conviction Impact Your Child Custody?

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Getting arrested in Arlington can be a nightmare for anyone. But getting arrested while also worrying about your child custody status can actually put your entire child custody agreement in legal jeopardy.

Here’s a close look at how an arrest conviction can impact your child support and how you can use an Arlingtonbail bondsman to give yourself some leverage during these trying times.

The More Serious the Offense, the Greater the Consequences

Like most legal situations, there could be a significant effect on your ability to interact with your children if the crime is serious enough. Although most minor offenses that lead to using a bail bond won’t have an impact on your child custody, a more serious crime comes with serious consequences that ripple beyond your divorce decree.

Even with a bail bond and the time to work on your case and deal with any legal hurdles, a serious crime can still lead to jail time. A parent who ends up behind bars could even lose their custodial parent status even after they’ve served their sentence.

Your Parenting Ability Could Be Hampered Without a Bail Bond

Every divorced parent wants to be a good parent but staying in jail until an arraignment can put a lot of areas in your life at risk, including your ability to be a stable parent.

If you are arrested and don’t apply for a bail bond, there is little chance for you to get organized for your case, inform your employer of your situation, and ensure that your living situation is properly sorted out. Without income and a stable living environment, not only could you fall behind on your child support payments but a court could deem you an unfit parent and hamper your visitation rights.

Even though you may face some jail time at the end of the day, getting a bail bond and putting in the effort to maintain the status quo at your job and home could salvage your ability to move forward as a parent once you’re out of jail.

A bail bond also gives you the temporary freedom to meet with your lawyers and find out what legal moves you can make to retain the details of your child custody arrangements.

What if You’re Arrested During Child Custody Proceedings?

If you are arrested in the middle of child custody proceedings, it’s essential that you apply for a bail bond. This grants you the time to meet with your criminal defense and divorce lawyer to discuss the severity of what you’ve been charged with and how it could impact your custody agreement if convicted. 

With a qualified bondsman on your side, you could give yourself the time to meet with your criminal defense lawyer on a regular basis between your release and the first court hearing. 

During these meetings, they could help you craft a defense that potentially lessens the severity of the crime in order to salvage the future time you have with your children.  

Trust Big Bubba Bail Bonds to Help You Get Back on Your Feet

If you or a loved one has been arrested and child support status is on the line, there’s no time to waste. Get out of a legal bind, fast in Arlington with the help of Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds. We are open 24/7 and will help cover any bail at any charge. 

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