Facts From a Bondsman About Texas Gun Laws

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Texans have always been passionate about guns. Whether used for self-defense or hunting, there’s no denying that the gun is a part of our heritage. As stimulus checks begin to roll in and people think about what they’re going to use the money towards, here are some valuable facts about Texas gun laws that can keep you from needing a Fort Worth bail bond.

Minors Can’t Buy Guns But Can Possess Them

Even though Texas is an open-carry state, it’s not legal for minors to purchase guns. The law states that anyone under the age of 18 cannot purchase a long gun, and someone under 21 can’t purchase a handgun. It is also illegal to rent or lease guns to minors falling within these age ranges.

However, although a minor can’t purchase a gun, they can legally be given one with the permission of an adult.

Here is everything you need to know about juvenile arrests and bail bonds in the Dallas area.

Who’s Liable if a Minor Commits a Gun Crime?

If a minor in legal possession of a gun commits a crime using the weapon, they aren’t the only one that will be needing to be bailed out. According to the Texas Penal Code, adults are held responsible if a minor obtains a firearm and shoots it unsupervised. If the incident involves a school shooting or crime where someone was shot, the adult could be held liable for the crime.

There Are Still Purchase Limits

Even if you are of age to purchase a firearm, there are still federal and state regulations that prevent just anyone from purchasing a gun. If you’ve been convicted as a felon or have domestic violence misdemeanors on your record, you are prohibited from purchasing and possessing a gun.

Whenever purchasing from a licensed dealer, expect an extensive background check. However, if you already have a license to carry or are buying from an individual or gun show, you do not require a background check in Fort Worth.

Intoxicated? You May Be In Trouble

Although you can’t show up to the bars right now anyway, it’s illegal to enter a place of business with a gun when 51% of their sales stem from alcohol. Also, even if you are a licensed gun holder, you cannot legally carry, concealed or open, if you are intoxicated.

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