What’s The Difference Between a Secured and Unsecured Bail Bond?

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Getting arrested in Fort Worth doesn’t always mean dealing with days behind bars until a court hearing. In most cases, defendants will qualify for bail that grants them the opportunity to return to the outside world until their final judgment. 

Bail bonds are the most common way of earning bail because most people can’t raise the full amount of bail to pay the courts. Bail bonds come in two forms; secured and unsecured bail bonds. Each of them has its own unique traits. 

If you or a loved one were recently arrested in Fort Worth, it’s always best to find out which type of bail bond is the best choice for your legal and financial situation.

What is Secured Bail?

Secured bail is one of the most common ways that a person acquires a bail bond. With a secured bail bond, the 10 percent bail fee is paid upfront and the defendant is quickly released and free to build up their case.

In these situations, the security is centered on the collateral put up by a defendant or their co-signer. So, if they fail to show up in court, the responsibility of paying the bail bond falls completely on them at little risk to a bondsman.

What is Unsecured Bail?

However, there are several situations where a person is unable to pay the 10 percent fee yet still desperately wants to be released on a bail bond. When a person is released based on their word that they will appear in court, this is what’s called an unsecured bail bond. 

These types of bail bonds are rarely granted and are almost always denied to people with prior convictions or who have a history of flight risk and failed bail bond payments.

Who Benefits From an Unsecured Bail Bond?

Although they are rare, some community members may still qualify for an unsecured bond if the necessity arises.

Some people who may qualify for an unsecured bail bond include those in the following circumstances:

  • The person is well known and established throughout the community
  • The person is not deemed as a threat to the community
  • The crime was not a serious crime
  • The person has no previous convictions
  • The person has established and good credit

What Are the Risks of Unsecured Bail Bonds?

Unsecured bail bonds are known as “signature” bail bonds for a reason. Essentially, it’s your word that’s on the line, not any collateral. This makes unsecured bail bonds a high-risk investment for a bondsman and is the main reason why they aren’t widely available to all applicants.

Should a bail bondholder skip town, the bail bond company is responsible for paying back the debt, hiring a bounty hunter, and doing everything possible to ensure the defendant gets returned to the hands of the courts and pays back their debt to the bondsman.

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