What to Tell Your Boss if You’ve Missed Work Because You Got Arrested

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Unexcused absences are frowned upon in the workplace. Sometimes events like car accidents or a family emergency can lead to an unexcused absence that is easily forgiven. However, getting arrested in Denton after a rough may be a little harder to explain to your boss.

Upon your return to the office, not only do you have to settle your absence with management, but you also have to deal with the emotions surrounding this delicate situation. If you’ve recently been arrested and released on bail, here are some ways you can approach your unapproved absence with your boss.

Are You Obligated to Tell?

Did you know that most employees have to inform management of an arrest or legal altercation? Even if you weren’t arrested and didn’t miss a day of work, if you’ve been charged with a crime, the chances are high that your employer needs to know about it.

If you fail to inform your employer of any changes in your legal standing, you could be terminated once the truth comes out. Even if you don’t plan on engaging in any shady dealings, it may be a good idea to research your rights at the workplace so there are no questions about how to proceed if the unexpected happens.

Call Your Employer ASAP

Even though a Denton bondsman may be the first person you call after you’ve been arrested, your employer should also be near the top of the list. As soon as you are able to, call your employer.

You won’t have much time to explain your situation, so it’s best to have a brief yet direct message prepared stating three key points:

  1. You’ve had an unexpected arrest.
  2. You are currently resolving the situation.
  3. You will contact them again at the earliest time possible.

At this point, you should consider your bail options and prepare for the next big conversation with your boss upon your return to the office.

Gather All Information About Your Case and Be Honest

You’re probably not the first employee your boss has had this conversation with. They’ll see right through you if you lie, so be honest about the arrest. Everyone makes mistakes and facing the consequences is part of the road to forgiveness.

Be open with your boss about why you were arrested, and why you should be forgiven for missing work because of your mistake. Our suggestions for this conversation are:

  1. Schedule a meeting at an opportune time (Not a busy one).
  2. Remain calm and professional.

Even if it’s enough for your boss to know the truth about your arrest, asking questions about your future in your job directly shows your professionalism and understanding of the situation. Put yourself in your employer’s shoes and let them know you aren’t an unreliable employee; you’re just a person who made a mistake that won’t happen again.

Discuss Bail Bond Check-Ins and Court Hearings

Part of the bail bond process means you’ll have to check in with your bond agent and attend all of the required legal proceedings. If you still have your job after your absence, you’ll need to inform your boss of all scheduled proceedings. This will put everyone on the same page and allow your workplace to plan ahead for your time missed.

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