What Happens When Two Bail Bonds are Arranged for One Offense?

Bail bonds are something that everyone wants to have secured when a loved one is arrested in Collin County. However, we’ve seen a lot of miscommunication occur between families in the past and two bail bonds are paid to two different companies.

Depending on the offense, the cost of a bail bond can quickly rise, and double payment could seem like a nightmare for a family. Fear not, Goodfellas Bail Bonds has all of the answers your family needs during their time of need.

Do Two Potential Bail Bonds Create a Conflict of Interest?

The bail process is one that can be overwhelming for a family or friend trying to get their loved one back home. Sometimes the first person called starts the process and somewhere down the grapevine, another family member found out about the jail time and also made some arrangements with another bondsman.

It’s purely legal to take the required steps of securing a bail bond. So, it’s no surprise that two people attempting the same process isn’t considered a conflict of interest. Your loved one will still be released, there’s just the matter to settle of which company gets paid.

Are Both Bondsmen Paid?

In short, no, both bondsmen don’t get paid. If the offender has one bail, then only one bail bond can be posted to the courts. When multiple people acquire bail bonds and the companies show up to the court to post bail, the situation becomes a literal race for freedom.

The courts will grant bail to the bond company that contacted them first with the bail inquiry. 

Does This Mean Extra Payors Are Out on Their Money?

In Collin County, if more than one person has paid for a bail bond, the good news is the extra payors aren’t going to lose their money for good. Keep in mind that the money won’t be immediately released because there still has to be time for the jail to accept a bond and release the defendant on the specific bail bond. 

Only then will the winning bondsmen get paid out and monies from the rejected bondsmen refunded to paying clients. 

Secure a Collin County Bail Bond With Goodfellas Bail Bonds

If you have a family member or friend who’s been arrested in Collin County, let them wait for their court date in peace. Goodfellas Bail Bonds offers bail bond opportunities for nearly all offenses. Get in touch with us today to start the bail process.