What Happens If You’re Arrested On A Friday?

Another year, and another Friday the 13th comes around. While most people tend to treat this day like any other Friday and remain on their best behavior, others tend to go all out and spend a mischievous night on the town.

Although we are all for a good time in Dallas, we recommend keeping your good time out of the hands of the law on a Friday night.

Let’s take a look at what happens if you are arrested on a Friday, and how it could possibly impact your odds of a quick bail process.

The Arrest Process

Getting arrested on a Friday starts off with the usual processes:

  • Fingerprints
  • Review of past criminal charges
  • The gathering of your personal information

Usually, after this is done, a person waits patiently in a holding cell to meet with a judge and hopefully be granted bail. However, getting arrested on a Friday night can tell an entirely different story.

Will You See a Judge?

Seeing a judge on the day of your arrest really depends on the time and day of the week you were arrested. During the week, it’s relatively easy to get in front of a judge and be granted bail. 

Arraignments don’t occur over the weekends or holidays in Texas. So, if you’ve been arrested on a Friday night, it’s safe to say that you can’t expect to see a judge until at least Monday morning.

Does This Mean You’ll Have to Wait for a Bail Bond?

Unfortunately, if you’re arrested on a Friday night or over the weekend, yes, you are likely to be held in jail until the next business day or scheduled arraignment. It’s not a welcome circumstance, but the legal system in Texas isn’t going to change because you don’t want to spend a night in jail.

So, sit tight, remain on your best behavior, and wait patiently for your granted bail.


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Aren’t You Supposed to Get Arraigned in 24-Hours or Less?

Although most arraignments are held within 24-hours of an arrest, in Texas, it can take up to 72-hours or longer for an arraignment to occur. Depending on the time and day of the week a person was arrested and the charges they face, an offender may not see a judge or be granted bail for weeks.

Keep in mind, that one cannot be held longer than 72-hours without filing criminal charges from the prosecuting attorney’s office. So, if charges haven’t been filed and you know you’re going to be stuck in jail for a hot minute, it’s best to take a preemptive stance and reach out to a family member that can talk to a Dallas bondsman about bail bond possibilities when bail is granted.

How Can a Bondsman Help While You’re In Jail?

A Dallas bondsman should know the laws in Texas from the inside out. So, even if you are held for a few days in jail, they can still work with your family to review your potential charges.

A reliable bail bond agent will help your family prepare for the possible costs of a bail bond and walk them through the bail bond application process, answering any questions along the way.

Get Out of Jail as Fast as Possible, With 1st Call Bail Bonds

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Once a judge sets bail, all we need is the green light, and our bail bond agents will quickly draft up your bail bond and get your loved one back home and away from behind a jail cell.

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