Bail Bond Scams You Should Never Fall For

Most bail bond companies are reliable establishments that help people get out of jail for a fair and legal rate. However, there are plenty of thieves and scammers out there that take advantage of the trust that people put in actual Dallas bondsmen like those of 1st Call Bail Bonds.


Getting arrested or having a loved one arrested can be a frightening experience that most would just want over with at any reasonable cost. If you find yourself in any of these situations, make sure to avoid the “deal,” and look for an actual bondsman that can help.


Here’s a look at some of the most common bail bond scams that leave innocent people financially crippled and without actual bail.

Lower Than 10% Bail Bonds

Most bail bonds are sold at around 10 to 15 percent of what the bail amount is. Be wary of any bail bond company that advertises rates below 10 percent. 


A company that does this is either completely disregarding the laws around bail bonds or plans to accept 5 percent up-front with the remaining balance laid out in payment plans that include interest. While this practice is technically legal, it’s a scam in the sense that you could have gone to an honest bail bond company and worked out a much better deal that didn’t involve interest-based payments.

Kickback Offers From Bondsmen

Some sneaky bondsmen will do anything to get business. This even includes offering kickbacks to inmates that refer their company to other people in jail. 


Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a little word of mouth marketing; but offering reduced bail bonds in return for more customers is illegal. Any bondsman that offers you this type of “deal” is one that isn’t to be trusted and is likely on their way to losing their license and ending up in prison themselves.

The Cold Call Bondsman

Here’s where we start getting into actual scams that are run by those posing as actual Dallas bail bond agents. If you ever get a phone call stating that a loved one was arrested and the bondsman needs money now to help them out, just end the call immediately.


A bail bond company will only call if they have to on the behalf of the arrested individual. There will be no talk of payment over the phone, merely an arrangement to meet at the bail bond office to start the application process.


Should you receive a cold call, reach out to the family member in question or start doing your own research through the local jails to find out if they have recently been booked.

No Contracts

Any reputable bail bond company will have its clients sign a contract before paying a cent. If you go into a bail bond office and they say there is no contract or you can pay now and sign a contract later, walk away, and find a bail bond company that works on the up and up.


Contracts protect people from falling victim to further cash demands later. Don’t put your finances at risk. Always sign a bail bond contract, no matter what.

Get Legitimately Bailed Out With 1st Call Bail Bonds

If your loved one has been arrested in Dallas, make sure that 1st Call Bail Bonds is your first choice for a fast and legal bail bond. We run an honest practice and are available to help 24/7 for bail amounts of any cost.

Our licensed bondsmen will happily walk you through the bail bond process and ensure that you sign your contract with confidence in our practices. Contact us today to start your bail bond application.

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