Following Your Bail Conditions of Release

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Conditions of release after being bailed out of jail in Fort Worth are specifics that should be taken seriously. Upon your release the courts will assign you with conditions you must follow or else you will be sent back to jail.

At Big Bubba’s Bail Bonds, we love helping people out of a bind, but beyond that their freedom lies in their own actions. If you’ve been released on bail, here are the key requirements you’ll need to follow in order to stay out before your court date.

Reporting Requirements Put Conditions of Release Beyond the Courts

Between your time out of jail and your court date, you are responsible for reporting any changes in your personal information to the courts. This mostly pertains to changes in address and employment. You will also have to check-in with officers pre-court date to reassure them you are complying with your conditions of release.

Beyond the judicial system, your local bondsman will need you to provide changes of information as well as a check-in with them on a weekly basis. This allows bondsmen to keep track of you and know where to locate you if a court date is missed or if you are paying on a payment plan.

Follow Curfew

In some cases, the courts will appoint a curfew on offenders. Stay on top of this schedule, because violating it will definitely land you back in jail

Surrender Required Documents

If you are deemed a flight risk, you will have to surrender required documents like passports and your driver’s license. This is an extra precaution to keep you in town while waiting for your court date.

Strict Travel Restrictions

You won’t be needing those documents anyways, because there are extremely strict travel restrictions placed on offenders out on bail. When released on bail you are not allowed to travel out of the:

  • City
  • County
  • State

If you’re a serious enough flight risk, the courts may even forbid you from leaving your home until the hearing.

No Drugs or Alcohol

Especially if the arrest was made on the basis of a drug or alcohol-related incident, the offender will be required to abstain from drugs and alcohol. These conditions of release are enforced with periodic testing between release and the court date.

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