What Are My Legal Rights When I’m Stopped By The Police?

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The flashing red, white, and blue lights, in the rearview mirror never mean a good thing for anyone. Unfortunately, sometimes a stressful interaction with the police can end up with you needing a Fort Worth bail bond.

Keep yourself out of jail by remembering your rights and how to properly exercise them during a police stop. Here are some tips to help keep law enforcement interaction a safe one.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Based on the U.S. Constitution, you don’t have to answer questions from a police officer or government agent. This 5th amendment right allows you to steer clear from self-incrimination if you are suspected of a crime that you allegedly committed.

How Do You Exercise the Right to Remain Silent?

Simply not answering a questioning officer isn’t the way to approach this right. Remember, straightforward silence can be used against you in court.

Keep your interaction civil and in-line with these options for practicing your rights:

  • Stay polite
  • Provide your identification when asked
  • Find out if you’re being detained
  • State your desire to remain silent

Following these guidelines during a stop or random DWI checkpoint should help you make exercising this right a pain-free experience that everyone involved should comply with.

You Are Free From Unreasonable Searches and Seizures

While police do have the right to pat you down for suspected weapons, you do have the right to refuse consent to further searches.

Quick Tips On Searches

  • Remember, without a warrant, your home can’t be searched without your consent.
  • Silence is considered consent in the instance of a search.
  • Anything incriminating that can be seen in plain sight can legally be seized.


Stating that you wish to not have yourself or your belongings searched isn’t a guarantee that the officer will comply. However, calmly stating this objection throughout your interaction, can help you later on if legal proceedings stem from the interaction. 

Rights Upon Arrest

If you’ve been placed under arrest, you still have rights as an inmate. You can once again state your right to remain silent. This should legally cease any questioning from the arresting authority.

Also, you have the right to a present attorney before speaking to anyone about your case. If you can’t afford one, it is your right to have one appointed to you by the courts.

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