Top Uncommon Mistakes Made During the Bail Bond Process

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If you or a loved one has been arrested and need a Collin County bail bond, it’s a fairly simple process to get out of jail until your court hearing. However, while a bail bond is a feasible way to get back on the right path after being arrested, there are still quite a few mistakes that can be made.

While in the past we’ve discussed the obvious ones like failing to show to a court hearing or completely skipping bail, there are also some uncommon mistakes that could easily get your bail bond revoked and leave your co-signer on the hook for some serious cash.

Putting Down the Wrong Address

The information provided on your bail bond application must be completely accurate, right down to the address you use. Regardless of if you don’t want the police to know where you live or if you may be crashing at a friend’s place for the time being, you must provide your correct home address.

Dishonesty is never a great policy when it comes to your bondsman. If you’ll lie to them about something as simple as your address, who’s to say you’re reliable enough to show up in court. This first mistake is a huge risk to the outcome of your experience and could cause you to wind up back behind bars.

Taking a Trip Before Your Court Date

Even if you know you aren’t going to skip bail, for the sake of your bond, please stay in town. Remember, you have to check-in with your bondsman on a scheduled basis. If at any time between your release and your initial court date, it’s been found out that you’re out of town or on a vacation, your bail could be rendered invalid with no refund, and it’s back to jail you go!

Creating Bad Blood With Your Co-Signer

Even if you aren’t on the best terms with your co-signer/indemnitor, it’s never a wise decision to completely turn your back on them after they’ve helped get you out of jail. Remember, until the judge sentences you, your co-signer can revoke your bail.

If this happens, your bail is revoked and you end up back in jail.

Failure of Notification if Re-Arrested

This mistake goes out to the co-signers. If your loved one was re-arrested for any reason and you fail to inform your bondsman, then there could be some big trouble down the line.

If your loved one is arrested and has to miss their initial court date due to this new arrest, your bondsman will be informed that they failed to show up to their hearing. If you’ve failed to inform your bail agent of this change in the offender’s status, the case could be handed off to a bail recovery company and you will be responsible for paying the entire amount of the bail bond.

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At Goodfellas Bail Bonds we know what information to give you that keeps you on the right side of a bail bond and the law in general. We are a McKinney-based bondsman that is open 24/7 and ready to help you out of a bind no matter the size of the bail involved. We’re the good guys and we’re here to get you home and away from the confinements of a cell. Contact us today to get the bail process started.

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